08 November 2006

ELECTION RESULTS --Rove --Remember: Nature Doesn't Make Mistakes...

I have a LOT to say, this has to be the first one: Remember --when "genius" Rove escaped indictment, by the Special Prosecutor –for revealing CIA undercover agent's identity, to clip/threaten her husband for his criticism of the Administration? When Prosecutor Fitzpatrick announced he would not indict Rove I posted:

June 16, 2006

“…I heard the news today, oh boy…”

News: the Special Prosecutor Won’t indict Karl-“brains”-behind-Oval-Office-occupant-Rove, for violating Federal Secrets Act revealing CIA agent’s identity. Angry? Why?
Karl Rove may be “elated” today: but Now he will receive his True sentence. The Universe will not allow escape.

Don't Worry ~Be Happy...We know what he did, but the Universe knows: how to inflict
Perfect Justice

His sentence, Among other things: he is now “free” to “orchestrate” the next election.
He will receive: everything he has coming….
Look Forward to it –watch it –enjoy it...they can run nekid through the Rose Garden, it won't change what's coming...justice meted out by the Universe: superior to Man’s….

Nature does not make mistakes.... When Rove escaped federal indictment I KNEW: he would NOT escape public humiliation of another kind. –I felt it meant: he would be brought to his knees in the next election. However: the people running this Administration and the people behind them –want certain things, so strongly, I believe, that I had real fear, I'll admit it now –that they would thwart this election, by screwing with the electronic "vote" machines, again, and Justice...delivered some other way.

Though they tried to do it again, Expected it to work again, they were thwarted. This election: they got What they Deserved.

I am happy about the Election, somewhat...(and relieved), but I believe, suspect, fear now, that: 1999 will be looked at as the apex of the US. From 2000: the country went on down-slide to totalitarianism –dictatorship; that the Grand Experiment that is America ended with 2000 "election"... not ever the same or rise to any grandness.

The people who hijacked the Republcan Party: are only in remission –temporarily. If you saw Occupant at press conference this morning: you saw almost charming side. Why. He dumped arrogant incompetent "war" archietect Rummy. Why. –Concession to voters? Or: they will do, say whatever it takes –for power. He, they are willing to sound chastised, work with a woman –whatever it takes, as long as: they Keep the White House in 2008 in Republican hands --hands they can control.

Now: Democratic Party must become strong; do smart things. They have only one and a half years. You have only one and half years.

I had hoped, for good long while, European Union would coalese, fast enough, and become strong –strong enough to be world power; challenge/check to power of this country. Tony Blair has not been a leader, may have done so much damage to the European Union that it won't fulfill its goal -for a long time.

Now two things give me hope: increasing global warming; disillusionment of Evangelical Christians.

Global Warming
If enough people –alarmed, outraged, motivated: demand changes to reduce planet pollution –they could de-rail whatever hidden agenda of certain people.

Politically-Organized Evangelical Christians
If enough religious people: stop listening to 'leaders' and realize that after all the money, all the votes they contributed –netted no meaningful results –become realistic –put their energy into other ways to accomplish whatever their goals are –stop funding, stop voting for people who only use them, government Administrations will stop trying to use them; will be forced to go back to government's true purpose:

Actually protect its citizens; balance budget --make up massive deficit; provide economic environment for all to prosper; treating all –equally, fairly, indifferent to differences.

First impending catastrophy: could 'fuel' all the others...make it possible.

These people will not quit –they haven't given up their plans, only delayed them.
You must be:

-well-informed, vigiliant, proactive, thrifty, protective as never before
-Stop using plastic –going into debt, borrowing. Every time you use Debt cards, you are borrowing –against your own future and you are helping banks, corporations to use their power against you

-Get off the plastic diet: must make purchase -Use CASH; buy from local individual shops
Believe it: You MUST save money –as Much as you can manage and then some more

-Open a ROTH-IRA: ask any local bank if they can open for you; if you take the time: search for best interest rate on-line; you have until December 31 to put in several thousand dollars --which won't be taxable on Income Tax Return next year.
-Keep Healthy: eat fruit, vegetables --all colors -fresh, organic (--no pesticide) or frozen --as much as you want; cut way back on flesh --beef, fish, chicken, pig; for high-quality/low cost protein eat: cottage cheese

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