26 November 2006

From "Bring It On" to On His Knees?

Oval Office Occupant sent President of Vice off to Royal House of Saud --while he runs to off to Jordan, dialing 911 --to all those they once dissed, before, after taking possession of the White House and Iraq, now running hither & yon, on their knees looking for help, hoping --praying(?) for a miracle from daddy's cronies. It's almost a pleasure to watch.
Tthey didn't have a Plan B. They didn't bother with hardened transport, Kevlar vests or even enough water or bullets in 18 months of planning invasion --they couldn't be bothered. No, their Plan A called for invading the two countries that bordered the Caspian Sea, loot Iraq's assets, load the booty on to waiting ships and leave --both countries to clean up the mess.

They twisted Natural forces, perverted, bent Nature to their will. They counted on using fear and "Patriot" Act of theft and religion and money to get More.

Instead rendered mute by Americans, disgusted with their arrogance, their indifference, their imcompetance as they did oily boys and their patrons' business. Now: the President of Vice must sit quietly at table surrounded by those who are empowered to render them impotent, without saying a word.

Nature Does Not Make Mistakes. Now: they must pay. Now they must confront the gravity of what they have wrought. They have to do the actual work of governing, of finding a Real way out, of having to clean up their messes.

There weren't enough "vote" machines that could ever be built to stop that 'pay day.'

About 17 years ago my parents moved to into a community they discovered, as they got to know their neighbors, mostly of right-wing to extreme right-wing Republicans. They all made a joint decision some years ago not to discuss politics, in order to get along and maintain community harmony. Early this past summer they told me: several of their neighbors had decided to vote for a Democrat and told my parents so, so disgusted were they with the current Administration. I was elated, very nearly posted on it, But I've seen too many un-naturual acts committed and stayed silent not to assume any thing. David Brooks of NY TIMES recently revealed: Republicans had taken a poll 13 months before the election and knew --they were going to loose --but refused to believe it. He also stayed silent.

Don't believe the religious right-wing whining. If Occupant was an Actual leader, gave a damn about doing the right thing: Rummy would have been booted out immediately after Iraq prison scandal shamed all Americans. Booting his butt "before the election" would way not have saved this Administration or saved a "few seats."

Personal Note: This month is one year anniversary of this blog. Originally, begun as reaction, outrage --of the deceit; that doctors not only failed to cure Peter Jennings, but did nothing whatsoever to halt the disease --that killed him. I knew he chose "the most aggressive" methods of Western medicine hoping to restore his health; I knew doctors used him...in various ways, instead of using Nature to cure him. I thought of all the politics involved in those decisions...I was, am, disgusted with those politics that kill. But as I watched the politics going on daily, along with the deaths, I began to have an inkling that the 2006 election was going to also be hijacked. I put aside vast material on protecting one's health from such politics, to focus on the politics. After election I was exhausted; a few days rest turned into a longer break. Had I intended it, I would have posted notice.

So thank you for returning this past year. I'll try to post more often, more on health along with other ways to protect onesself. I hope you had a tasty Thanksgiving. Don't spend much money this holiday season, don't create regret. Put as much money as you can into savings account. Spammers are still trying to post in Comments, so feel free to post your thoughts, opinion and I will enable.
Next: Iraq Remedy, What to do about Iraq.

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