06 November 2006

Before Going to Vote: Find Out What to Take

The people who control Congress: have changed the voting rules and made it harder to vote. --None of the rules are consistent across the country, each state has its own requirements.

Polls open and close at different hours across the country --and they require various things before you can sign in to vote and get a ballot. Some require: Birth Certificate or picture ID or Driver's License or utility bill showing your name, current address --some require all of them. Why did Majority Party in Congress change the voting rules --require identification to vote? They hope you, the forgetful, poor and new citizens will not have necessary ID --or will not know that the rules have changed --to prevent voting. THAT is how fearful they are of Voters' wrath for things they have done past six years.

Too bad! Enter your Zip Code --find your Polling Place, map, your Registrar of Voter's address & phone and Find Out what your are required to: Bring to the Polls!

If you don't want to use the Locator link above: open Google >enter your City and add 'dot gov' --to reach your area's Registrar of Voters website. It will list ID requirements to vote.

If you think it should be as easy to vote in the US as it is in Iraq: Vote for someone else to represent you in Congress.

Remember: As long as you are registered to vote You have the Right to Vote
--don't allow anyone to prevent you from voting
-Demandd a paper ballot
-If electronic "vote" machine is only way to vote: request paper receipt
-If you cannot get a paper receipt of your vote --or you don't have confidence: Request a Provisional Ballot --it is your Right --in every state, to cast a Provisional Ballot, which you fill-in by hand; watch the Poll worker insert it in the box
-If you suspect irregularity of any kind: call the Democratic Party. They will have voting monitors for this situation

OFFER: neighbors, co-workers, senior adults a ride to the Polls; call your Party's local office: to volunteer, see if they have a list of people in your area who need a ride to the Polls.
Vote Early!

Election Results NBC has decided: which candidate should win governor's race in one state --they had him on three times --in prime time --but NBC won't allow his opponent ANY air time. NBC received Thousands of e-mails and phone calls requesting equal time. NBC refused. That's going on in California. Would you like that to happen in your state? It's going around the Net: when you turn on TV to watch election results BOYCOTT NBC --e-mail, tell your friends: Don't Watch NBC.

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