05 November 2006

Election: CBS Just Embarrassed Themselves

On the last Sunday before 2006 Election: CBS just showed the kind of stuff they are stuffed with.

Did you watch "60 Minutes" --to see stories about the election? CBS couldn't do that --they had Priorities: Profile on unknown Congressman from non-pivotal state, one on recycling --followed by deep insightful examination --of an Act-or.

--Inform --examine issues --depth on subjects about Where this country is headed? --Your life --subjects that Matter to you to make Decision? Naw. Very Important stuff, crammed full of garbage aimed --Designed: to help current Oval Office occupant, Jr. --Proof: in the 'profile' of the Congressman who has been trying to expose, cut 'special' projects--Earmarks-- tacked onto Bills, in the middle of the night, favors to lobbyists in exchange for campaign donations, They DIDN'T say --the True size of the deficit --what Republican spending has done to the country. Why not?

--Republicans keep repeating the Line: "great econmoy" --but where is the Rest of the story? If you save your money to protect yourself --if you stop shopping: this country will have to borrow even More than the $3 1/2 billion they have to borrow Every Week.

Dept. of Defense/Pentagoons: get $490 BILLION --Every year. --Why wasn't Some spent on Kevlar bullet-proof jackets for the troops in Iraq they claim to care about? --Spent for maps, intel, translators --hardened transport --why??? CBS: didn't have "time" for those questions, on election eve.

--That's the deal CBS/Viacom cut with this "administration."

More than three million Americans wrote to FCC --faxed --e-mailed --phoned to ask/beg/demand that they Leave the rules alone.
So many people --from National Rifle Assoc, Artists, ACLU, Christrian Coalition, independent newspaper & radio owners contacted FCC their copy machines and phones jammed. FCC didn't mind, they were on a Mission.

FCC: changed the rules to accommodate big media, who just happen to be Big Donors. --To get FCC "approval" to rip down firewall between media ownership in a community --to bloat up --own TWO TV stations (i.e. in Los Angeles) + radio + newspaper + cable, etc, etc, etc. CBS --and the other media hogs, got the rules yanked, they got to buy More media in a single community.

Pay-back for the "favor"? They DON'T examine what the current Occupant has done. --They DON'T dig into claims of "WMD in Iraq" --they DON'T examine sinkhole Iraq. On the eve of election --in which their patrons could loose control: they DON'T rock his boat --DON'T examine his incompetence --dealing with countries that HAVE intention to produce nuclear weapons --DON'T look at massive, life-threatening amount of money those people have WASTED.

SHAME on you CBS --FCC --Congress --Oval Office Occupant.


-If you get to the Poll and it has electronic "vote" machine: demand a paper recipt --or a paper ballot. If poll workers refuse to give either one: You have legal right to demand "Provisional" ballot

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