02 November 2006

Undecided? Security + Republicans + $700 Million = n

House Majority Leader Rep. Boehner, Ohio, Sunday morning political talk-show: "I heard about the Foley e-mails to the Pages, but I thought Hastert took care of it, and I'm busy with conversations, lots of conversations, I can't remember if I talked to Hastert about the Pages --we have a lot to do, we're busy dealing with security of the country."

Republicans: curious definition of "security" --if you missed investigative reporters' piece last week-end, October 27, 2006 on PBS:
"Nice Work if You Can Get It," it showed how Homeland Security Department has handled security --and over $700 million.

What did they do with
the money...

Are You Making $450. a Day? How About $515.?
Republicans managing Homeland Security: they gave a sub-contract to a woman in San Diego to hire airport screeners. --Oh, but: no written contract. Oops: no background check on the woman who got the contract. What were her qualifications? She is a travel agent. She is also: a member of an Evangelical church, in Florida. Oops: TSA people kept giving her money --until they handed her $24 million bucks --our money. --No back-up paperwork to justifiy expenses. --Not even "thousands" for cellphones --no documentation on cash withdrawals or on anything else. Result? Auditors determined: $15 million was not justified/overpaid.

Remember when we heard airport screeners weren't screened --no background checks, convicted felons, some on parole? Remember: when it was reported they hadn't been paid, some for as long as six months? Now: we know why. If you are Protestant, Jewish --atheist, any other religion: you can't get a government contract from This Administration?

Is your Congressmember part of the waste, fraud, abuse?
Reporters did a series of investigations, how our money was spent, what security we got for it, you can read each part of the series:
High Price of Homeland Security

TSA? They refused to supply papers requested by reporters under Freedom of Information Act. Reporters got the information anyway: the woman got fabulous house, $24 million, $270,000. "pension" --Americans got? Screwed. If you watch the tape: you will see head of TSA --he asked the reporters not to do the story, basically give them 'a break' on handing out $741 million without any proof of how the money was spent.... Would that fly were you work? MOST bosses: don't like it when employees make unnecessary phonecalls.

With "security" like this, I now believe the only reason the country hasn't been attacked again: only because nobody has tried anything since Sept. 11. The money these people have wasted is DIZgusting.

--For $700 Million: ALL of us could have had $1 million health insurance coverage --with $400 million balance: every hospital in the US could have been fully staffed, equipped and paid.

Thanks on the "security" Rep. Boehner. --Where's our security --Where's protection for Pages --Where's our $700 Million --Where's bin Laden? Too busy hoping around to golf courses with your pal Tom Delay? This guy --what anyone would call "leader"???

: can't we do better than him?
Three-year old warnings about Foley bothering Pages, $8 Trillion debt next two generations will have to pay off, tax cut for the wealthiest 1%, but no Minimum Wage increase--tried to cut military's benefits IN THE MIDDLE OF WAR --incompetence in Iraq, at home.
-If Democrats are in majority of the House: Mr. Boehner will not be in charge of our money or anything else.
We HAVE to have better than this --Tuesday: Please Vote
-If you give your vote to a Republican: then you will be rewarding that Party for appalling waste and for deaths. -There Has to be consequences for the things they have done: Please vote for anyone but Republicans.
-Buy a local newspaper this week --at least twice, ask your friends to do the same; they are looking out for us, reward them, newspapers are hurting.

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