27 July 2006

Cheap Gas + Soy Beans + FBI = "Terrorists"???

Remember the fairytales --about the bad guys about to send "mushroom cloud" over your head --expose little children to destruction, death on American soil --if we didn't stop them? --Lots, you(?) voted "For" the guys who told fairytale 'news' and promised protection. Well, the whacky-doodles are back: with a Brand New story for ya, cuz like it worked before, and gosh, there's another election a'comin, dontcha know, and don't You want Protection?

Set in the land where oil, gas --lots of it, comes out of the ground cheap --world's lowest price. But it's controlled by people who don't much care for the whacky-doodles. The Doodles don't like it when people don't like them...so they went next door: rang the money bell door and said: 'let us in and we will pay you, keep us out --we will cut off your income and make trouble. Lo and Behold: the little neighbors let the Big Bad Wolf and all their trainees in, and Behold money poured in along with Army, Navy, Marine trainees and 'How To' manuals.

But to "fight" those "terrorists" and win the Doodles will need some things: more money --and more silence from Congress; more bullets, more guns, more spies, more help from local police to control locals; more of their water, more control of their minds --and yours, but fewer laws and fewer people snooping --and those manuals. --'How to get dirt poor farmers off the dirt; how to enrich soy producers; how to control crowds; how to place bullets for maximum effect'...to convince others --there 'certainly' is Hezbollah Terrorists --in them thar hills of Paraguay....

You're wondering: what about the last 'Really bad guy --terrorists, Osama bin Forgotten & Co'? Well, it's not polite or patriotic to ask, President of Vice will tell you...they looked, they can't find him, quit asking --if they get to keep control of Congress they prolly Could/Will/Maybe/FerSure find him...five years isn't that long to hunt....

So: Wanna see the Doodles of DC fight new "terrorists" --in a tiny defenseless country --so the Doodles can get you more cheap oil, more cheap gas --seized from the big country next door? Well Don't start hoping --yet, they haven't made any promises. --But with your silence --focus on working, paying bills and not watching the Doodle Party, they just might maybe could --see If they could get control of the oil and the gas next door, and fight those bad guys --that Must be in those hills.

Well, if they win this New Important "fight" --they aren't sure, yet, what the price will be.... Wanna help? Care to make a contribution to their cause? Well the Whacky-Doodles could use your --vote, in November --and some donations to the Party --to keep those new bad guys out --of tiny, big and this country --they are just Sure, have moved to South America.... Or --you Could remember the saying: Fool me once --shame on me; Fool me twice --go to Hell.
Get the Hell out of Paraguay.

This information first published in: The Nation


-Before buying Soy -beans -milk -ice cream: find out where the soybeans came from; too hard to do: only buy local-grown, made products produced within 50 miles of your home, supporting local farmers. If the wealthy soybean growers in Paraguay have less international market: maybe they will stop stabbing, shooting, burning native farmers to get their land and stop burning old forests to clear more land for soybeans.

-Write to your Senator, your House Rep: demand hearing --on FBI and US military activity in Paraguay;
on exactly what the Pentagon is doing, why massive money and troops shifted there. --"Surprise" attack on Venezuela --just before election?

-Register to vote --this week

-Contact your local Registrar of Voters: demand electronic "vote" machines be removed,

replaced with Ink Dot or with Paper ballots

-Since it's wicked hot --New England - New York, all across country, Pacific Northwest - California, thought this new view would be 'cooler' to look at; what do you think?
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