14 July 2006

Answer: The Dick, The Reptile, The Go-Cart.

Question: Name three things that went wee wee wee all the way to reporters...till BOOM –ran smack into blizzard of paper that will catapult into a courtroom.... Plaintives can't loose, one way or another....

Has White House administration already picked out a Christmas present for The Go-Cart –not a pudding, but a big fat Pardon? If true that would be hideous –and glorious...cuz if the Go-Cart gets Pardoned: that would mean whomever is hiding under the rocks would get a Giant Spotlight...Somebody would HAVE to slither out/get tagged for blabbing to blabby reporter Novak, et al.... All of it would be fun to watch, if it weren't for the bombs, bullets, bodies, explosions, hate soaring all over the world....

What Did we do to get such as him inflicted on once-decent country? For his avarice, incompetence, arrogance; failure to advocate for ALL Americans, including non-owners of corporations; lead, govern, tell the truth, or have even a single good idea for anything: May historians give him Every thing he has coming. May we all live long enough to see it....

-Take a News Break: leave off knowing what's happening with Israel, Afghanistan, North Korea, Russia, Iran, India; deficit, gas price –at least for 24 hours; it will still be going on when you return, but refreshed, less intense
-Find something beautiful to look at: a tree, a bird, moving water; go into a flower shop, inhale deeply, exit with a least one fragrant flower
-If you're not near a museum: pop into library, check-out a book on great art or castles or gardens
-Lie down on grass, arms out, watch clouds –until crick in your neck is gone, shoulders relax
-Move more; eat lightly, well, at home; enjoy all those summer fruits –you'll miss them in winter
-Buy extra berries: spread out on pie pan or plate, put into freezer; when frozen: put into leftover glass jar with lid (i.e., jar from pickle or peanut butter), return to freezer; savor in winter

Tag: exposure CIA undercover agent identity, White House Secrecy Act violation, Valerie Plame, retaliation Iraq WMD exposure, White House passing classified material to reporters, White House incompetence

[When Blogger shut down for hours, then whole days in April and again in May, with no notice, no explanations, no estimated times of repair: though completely missing the Tech gene, I decided to figure out How to Create my own Website, hosted, so this wouldn't happen any more. My hair has been on fire ever since; sheesh, it's hard to do. Then about a week ago: my car caught fire. I've been distracted with both. But then worse: my comfy antique desk chair broke. (Did you ever try to type standing up....?) So if you aren't angry/vowing not to return: thank you for patience. Eventually, I'll get each sorted out; return to posting frequently. Hope you're not in fire, flood, heat or harm's way. Thank you for returning. Poppy]

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