05 July 2006

Lay –Delay –Betray?

Think those people get away with everything –don’t have to pay? Ken Lay, convict –First Pal of Oval Office occupant: got dead last night.

Lay and his thugs, among many acts: shut off the electrical grid –until Californians agreed to pay astronomical amount far in excess of prevailing rate. –Then magically: ‘urgent’ maintenance ended, electricity back on. Employees of First Pal Lay, who loaned his jet to the occupant, so he could hop around the country to pick up more money –laughed about elderly adults, surgeons, business owners, families, students –in the dark, frantic. –People had to fork over hundreds of dollars –every week, just to keep lights, fridge on.

The governor of California didn’t think it was so funny. He filed suit against Lay and Enron with evidence of what they had done. Scared that he would loose, Lay and three others: cut a deal with a 3rd rate actor –to put him in the governor’s office. After the actor slid behind the desk of the governor's office: he “agreed” to accept $.05 for every dollar Lay and Enron thugs got from shutting off the electricity, promptly signed. Agreement = dead lawsuit.

Lie, cheat, steal –thousands of days of hard work of thousands –without punishment? Ding~Dong~the Wicked B******s~Dead...Every employee who ever worked at Enron should sue Skillings and Lay’s estate for Breach of Contract. Then Mrs. Lay can begin figuring out: how to live in one house, acquire humility.

Ken Lay –convicted thief: Dead.

The Universe has the Last Word. Six down, dozens to go….

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