10 July 2006

Small Penis? Cure: Vote for a Republican?

Not likely to free willy –pull a Fully Monty at, say the exclusive private club in Northern California where the wealthy boys run free? –Don't want neighbors, pals, co-workers to know about teeny weenie? Not to worry: you can still Feel like a hunk –ever so manly, by voting for a Republican –any Republican.

If you put it out there –Republicans will reward you. They will see it –that you get some jollies out of a war, or rather: watching others get off –to war. You can get a vicarious thrill –out of the blood, guts, glory, hand-to-hand combat. –Heck, if you scoot fast enough: you can watch videos, in your own home –on the evening news. You can Feel like one of the Big Boys –every night. Republican members always put it on the line; members put their membership up –for combat –with somebody, somewhere. You can count on them, to hook you up. That's how they get some, on the side, for campaigns. With the back, forth, back, forth with others –not a problem, it's easy to get up for the hard battle –puffing it up is good business –and good for business, for pals.

Maybe once picked-on weaklings –but now: wimp, limp no more, multi-deferred Bully Boys look out for their pals –they'll look out for you, maybe even in distant lands.

Course, you won't be able to do other things, but a member –sliding in with the Big Boys, will get you in on the down low –to contribute –to Big Boys club pension, you know $400 million-buck pensions aren't just lying around, has to be sucked –from somebody.

So what if you can't pull it off –low cost medical insurance? Well, what is the problem –a $65 Billion Lay? –Delay in ejaculating plans on Indian tribes, homosexuals, lobbyists, Democrats? Heck no, whatever keeps it flowing, not hot air, but rock hard easy with Republican members –strutting their stuff –out and about getting it on –in full power, they can always get it up –when it's Party time.

Plus you can feel good there's no shyness –getting it out there –how they feel about homosexuals. Heck, sometimes they get head –of any religion, to do it –for them. They got no problem either –how else do you picture they can bend all those bottoms over all those barrels –to pick at the pockets of the ignorant in all those mega churches.

The Big Boys are a serious lot –oh, they'll dick around occasionally –with colors, to add to the pot, but never blue, cheerfully looking for new members.

–Kiddie porn –pedophiles –instead of terrorists? Hell no, they stay on the hunt, where the Really big money is, and anyway it's no fun, when you already know where to hunt –which church has the molesters. If they made war on pornography instead of on terrorists, pals wouldn't be able to sock it to them –cut off the top –they pull in, daily, to share with good buddies. So don't worry, be happy –nothing really bad will happen, the Big Boys packed –courts all over the US are loaded with Good Ol' boys, who know: boys just want to have fun. Plus everybody knows: kids can't vote.

Limp? Flaccid? Stuff happens, but when it does: you can show your patriotism and help the cause –just whip it out –get that credit card going on some good ol' USA porn. The Party will appreciate your contribution. Let the good times roll.

Wiener deflated –more like burger patty? Join the Party and Run with the Big Boys –maybe try to grab one –a seat for yourself. Really show: you can send up rockets with the best of them, even if a few fizzle in space or bleed Treasury dry. Only little people will quibble about the size –of the hole it blows, in the deficit.

After a member joins: if you're good, very good, at swinging, you might get an invitation to hit on some balls –swinging in expensive places around the world, on other people's tab. But what are a few balls, between friends, who is going to check out size –when there's opportunity to peep private e-mails –bank records –phone call transcripts –able to look down –on little ones, who don't get the member thing. –Members Must protect their interests, and the Boys in the Republican hood have Lots of interests....

If you extend yourself –really put it out there, you might even get invited to get into tall grass –with the major Dick –knock back some booze and get off some –cocks –bulls, Big Boy heads aren't picky, they love to squeeze off a few, to relieve the tension, when things get tight.

So don't hold back, screw size, just put it out there. If you want to cop that deep male feeling –show everybody you're All Male –run with the pack. –Big Boy Republicans, they don't know the meaning of the word “no” –they're bottoms up, all the time, and they'll have you coming –back, for ever more....

–For proving you don't have a teeny weenie?
As Biggest Boy works it –roams the globe doing eyeball exams –so he's never around for military funerals: Put it out there –no, not just letters to the Good Ol’ Boys in the House, haul it –to the border; jump on those bricks, build on the great wall –Prove you're all male –on those stiffs –working for Minimum Wage.

–For those dressed in black who went door to door to pull women, children, fathers out of their homes over the week-end –murdered for being part of “wrong” Iraqi sect?
Well you could get your ‘male’ on by: bitching about the press –for reporting 41 murdered, 24+ who somehow got to hospitals, the dozens who got blown up in car bombs –but not reporting on the good stuff. –You'd look like a real hero, to the ‘Big’ Boys –joining you warming benches, and asses, in nooks and crannies at home.

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