03 July 2006

Low-Cost Medical Ins: Set to Launch?

Have you purchased medical insurance at a low cost for yourself –family –children? Why don’t you have low-cost insurance? US is a "super" country –to some: a country "superior" to all others? Then: why haven't our representatives in Washington provided us, their constituents, with medical insurance –at least as good, as affordable as that of poor countries? –At least as good as the insurance that covers them and their families? Why do a bunch of corporate profit-motivated White House pals get to decide: if your spouse gets treatment –your child gets surgery –you live/die –how much you will pay for the "privilege" of what should be basic protection?

If –IF your ballot wasn’t tossed into the trash/changed electronically, you followed what your religious leaders told you to do: voted FOR the current White House administration? Then: Why aren't they looking out for you, your neighbors –ALL Americans? WHY don't we have universal medical insurance –affordable?

One place to look for answers: NASA. Oval Office occupant is willing to borrow massive amounts of money, EVERY day, give it to space program –Why? They shoot rockets into space, look around, write down minutia (boring facts), leave junk. Why? –Of no use to Your health, on This planet.

If scientists, current administration Actually cared: they would be looking for answers below –in the sea, not off in space. Shooting off rockets: strictly Boys and Their Toys game. Think about it: after spending billions to send off dozens of rockets –have they learned A Single thing that has changed anything that matters on This planet?

–As you watch them launch billions of bucks –up –up and away –off into space –but YOU don't have any medical insurance? Religious leaders –occupant –administration –Republicans in Congress –looking out for us, we the people, doing that?

–If you are emergency patient needing heart –head –multi-organ treatment, but no medical insurance: doctors in ER have no specialist to call. –Specialists: when they know they won’t be paid for costly treatment –won’t answer a page. What will you/your family do then?

Of the people who file for bankruptcy: 80 to 90% do it because they can’t pay enormous medical bills, but most had medical insurance –that ‘somehow’ did not cover the bills. Reaction from Congress? They changed bankruptcy laws –made it Much harder to FILE for bankruptcy –NOT easier to pay the bills. What does that tell you –Who asked them to do that? Your representative, if Republican, voted to look out for insurance, credit card, banking companies –NOT look out for You. Why?

While US military was in the middle of invading Iraq: White House administration tried to cut VA benefits –until the press found out about it. Now? A returning soldier can get a medical appointment: 12 MONTHS after returning. Administration: just changed tactics –not goals. They moved the goal post –but who gives returning vets voice about that?

As they fiddle with the flag, debate denying rights to some Americans, how to keep out ‘intruders’ while pandering to those who give them money –but can't be bothered to look out for you, your family –anybody but themselves: They deserve –your vote?

NASA fiddles with when to shoot off Another rocket, blathers on and on about ‘expecting’ parts to fall off –while media reports their every Public Relations bit of fluff. But they/nobody Asks any Hard questions: Who gave permission to spend such money? –Why shooting off a rocket is More important than looking out for Americans? How many corporations that got NASA contracts to build those rockets, Also donated to Oval Office occupant? –To Republican Party?

Does your religious leader have medical insurance? WHO paid for it?

If you are injured –get a disease –in a car crash: shooting off a billion dollar rocket will do What for your health? Think about those questions –as the boys use the money that could provide basis for universal non-profit medical insurance –to play with their toys, launch another one, whenever they can get their act together....

Write to your representative in Washington:
-Begin: looking out for You when
-fiddling with flag: Ask how that will help if you, your family gets cancer
-insurance coverage : Demand as good as they have –as affordable
Find link to your representative - left column

If Every American had medical insurance:
-cost of premiums would drop sharply: healthy patients would balance elderly/ill patients cost
-bureaucracy for Medi-care, stupid rules, insane ‘pricing’ could be slashed
-doctors, nurses, techs could get paid for services rendered –to all, not just wealthy patients

Register to Vote –this week
Already registered as a “Republican”: re-register –as Independent, Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party

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