15 June 2006

Hop Hop Hop –Go Rove-ing Reporters?

He Hops outta Camp David …Hops to Iraq…Hops back…reporters do hippity-hop with him –and Mission accomplished? Why –uhm Why did Oval Office occupant Hop? Why not hop over on Sunday –tomorrow –why not invite Iraq President over Here after last two minister appointments announced? Why did he hop that day? –Why Hop over there –Tuesday? Why didn’t reporters doing bunny-hop with him ASK –Comment –Note? Hmmm…the planet’s dumbest reporters? Mysteries…

The news –“genius” Karl Rove indictment –won't be nailed, for now, spotted it only 31 minutes after it went up on the news wires, then I immediately wrote the piece on KKKarl –but did not post it. Why not? This author: dun seen dat movie...I wanted to wait, see what/how they would Do it –Dead certain: White House crowd would do something that would cause the news to be forced Away from K-baby –focused on something else –and Bam! Hippity hop hippity hop…hop...hop to Money-Looting Central –Iraq.

White House Regime
If you’re a supporter and Don’t believe Occupant’s hop hop hop done Solely to protect his pal, draw media attention Away from Rove? Please describe: PRECISELY what was accomplished by all the hopping? Eyeball examination: doesn’t count. –Oh you believe the statement “trip was planned for a month”? Well Duh: they knew that Eventually Special Prosecutor Fitzpatrick would make a decision –for –against indicting “genius” –That the real reason for pressure to hurry up picking last two cabinate ministers, before Prosecutor's announcement? –They merely made plans for the DAY of announcement. Duh.

Lead Story
So instead of nasty little “genius” person being ‘above the fold’ –sole story –the hopping hither, yon the lead story. Then for extra good measure/more control: they plunked Occupant in the garden next morning to do some more fiddling with reporters and the news. Mission accomplished? If you’re a supporter –don’t believe they manipulate/ manipulated the news: howja like oil at $70. bucks a barrel –how many illegals did you see today –where’s your low-cost medical insurance –where do you Think your pension is –where is your job going? Last month: they fiddled with senior adults, pushed them to enroll in their Welfare plan for drug-makers and they fiddled with non-citizens having Americans’ jobs –but at lower wages. This month: they’re fiddling with the flag and making sure everyone knows they’re not homosexual….as they loot the Treasury and your rights, your privacy, your quality of life, your children, your money –Penta-gone…. But –Protection –even of military’s Social Security numbers?

Giant media, Still grateful for régime’s help in allowing them to become even bigger, via FCC and Mickey Powell, manage their reporters –so real story, whole story, rest of the story, stories that Matter –don’t, somehow, ever get done. So “reporters”: “report” on Brittney Spear’s driving skills –lost pet –who got shot, what burned down –who married whom –do the bunny-hop –but No wiser, no-better informed…THAT the very reason to stop the FCC –reason NOT to vote for these people OR anyone who supports them OR allow electronic “vote” machines Anywhere. They have plans to steal the 2008 election –if the Universe doesn’t nail “genius” first…. Maybe you can help: KKK-baby appears to be addicted to food –maybe all those plans stealing elections and sending other people’s children to fight for oil, even though he and his boss evaded service with multi deferments, bothering him. –Send “genius” some comfort food –ship some sweet nothings, to ease his pain….

But EXUUUUSSSE me: Five trips to Grand Jury...FIVE...but NO indictment??? What did that cost? Who said WHAT to Whom? Duh: SomeBODY told lil Scooter the Name of the wife of their #1 Exposer of lies –then shoved lil Scooter out into reporter land to reveal what he was told...who dat? They Believed they could STOP Facts –Real reasons –Truth for invading Iraq from leaking –by leaking secret name of CIA agent. WHO did THAT? WHO told Scooter? WHO shoved him into reporters? WHO Will be arrested for violating Secrets Act? WHO got the $9 BILLION 'disappeared' bucks? WHO will pay for dead Iraqis, dead Americans, dead soldiers?

Pimp My Oval Office
He swore an oath. Politics: You –all non-corporate Americans, have been betrayed. Oval Office occupant works for ONLY one Party: the Money Party. Loyalty: for sale. YOU don’t count. There is Cancer in the White House.

“…have you seen the new ad? It’s live bulls –mounting simulated cows. It’s nice to see Anne Coulter getting work.” David Letterman

E-mail, copy/paste this post to right-wingers, right-wing websites, but not to moderate Republicans –they’ve had their Party hijacked, they’re as appalled, disgusted as everyone else.

If you’re in Ohio: network with friends, relatives, co-workers: GET electronic
“vote” machines OUT of Ohio –before those people steal Another election DON'T WAIT

Register to Vote THIS WEEK –get the free Voter Registration form at any Post Office, pick up extras for everyone you know, fill out ASAP, DON'T wait

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