14 June 2006

Karl Rove: Sentence? LOL…

“…I heard the news today, oh boy…” News: the Special Prosecutor Won’t indict Karl “brains” behind Oval Office occupant Rove, for violating Federal Secrets Act for revealing CIA agent’s identity. Angry? Why?

Reportedly: Rove “leaked” the agent’s identity to friendly reporters, via Scooter Libby, Chief of Staff to President of Vice, as retaliation for the agent’s spouse exposing claims/lies for Iraq invasion…. Karl Rove and the people running HIM: so arrogant, so intent on invading Iraq, they thought they could silence the agent’s husband and any Future critics by using stealth personal attack, as a warning.

Think it’s un-just –that Special Prosecutor won’t be indicting Rove? There are people, all over, inside, outside federal government, who can’t stomach what’s going on…telling what they know…. The Truth is leaking out –While they’re still in the White House. They tried to silence undercover agent’s husband, others, But: Evidence is surfacing –of their True intension to loot Iraq, leave it splintered, immobile, assets shipped out…. Various things Caused them to Have to shelve those Plans. Iraq: Nothing to do with 9-11 attack, terrorists who planned it; no way to attack this country. Now: Forced into entirely new Plan: helping Iraqis form a government WITH their oil…no looting will be Held Today…. Americans, world know now, the only one claims Not to is occupant and weenies who really really wanna keep their job in Congress. EVERYbody else gets it.

Karl Rove may be “elated” today: but Now he will receive his True sentence. The Universe will not allow escape.

Don't Worry ~Be Happy.... We know what he did, but the Universe knows: how to inflict Perfect Justice. His sentence, Among other things: he is now “free” to “orchestrate” the next election.

He will receive: everything he has coming….
Look Forward to it –watch it –enjoy it...they can run nekid through Rose Garden, it won't change what's coming...justice meted out by the Universe is superior to Man’s….

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