08 June 2006

~US Took Out Terrorist? Questions...

US Military press conferences to announce they killed the terrorist who supposedly master-minded killings, explosions, destruction in Iraq. Hmmm...shoved Marine murders right off every front page and TV station...surprise, surprise...But: leaves a few questions.

Why is US Military in front of cameras, Taking Credit? President of Vice, Chief of Joints who quit, the Rummy, the Wolf, the Perl, the CIA toady Tenant, the "doctor" and the occupant --identical words on camera: 'things' are getting better cuz Iraqis will/going to/have/are --forming a government, having election/ will vote/care about/have voted --'will govern and protect their country themselves.'

IF Washington Means it: why weren't Iraqi leaders the ones --in Front --in every way, taking credit for the Planning, the Executing of attack on the terrorist of Iraqis, military, aide workers, contractors, reporters, foriegn civilians; destroyer of mosques, homes, pipe lines, clean water, electricity? THAT would have showed Iraqis: their government is capable and protecting them. THAT would have shown the world: White House is Serious about Iraqis taking care of themselves. THAT would have showed respect.... Why didn't it happen?

Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest?
Country with 5,000 years of culture, history, knowledge --full of people Smart enough to "make weapons of mass destruction" --"reason" for invasion --but NOT smart enough to carry out attack on One terrorist??? Just Exactly How is Iraqi government going to DO their job if US military Don't get out of the way, let THEM lead? There was a full-standing army in place when US military invaded, but, gee they know Nothing about strategy, discipline, fighting? Well, they're giving good imitation, Every Day. Picture the whole scene, but with Iraqis doing the answering of reporters' questions....

Press reported that US intelligence claimed they knew the Who, What, Where on the terrorist who was orchestrating the violence inside Iraq --INCLUDING his picture, Jordanian nationality, a wife and a son in Jordan, age, associates, history, etc. Ever since, this author has wondered: if they KNEW, Why didn't they scoop up the wife and/or the son and announce they would be held captive until terrorist put down his weapons/turned himself in?

No Go on the Info???
IF this war is Real --not stage-managed to capture oil, why DIDN'T Secretary of Defense do everything to STOP after-invasion violence and murders BEFORE Iraq exploded? Would they have used 500 lb bombs on a "dead-ender"?

If using specious evidence to get others to join in invading a country, that did not attack this country, can accurately be labeled "war": why weren't all possible methods used to stop after-invasion violence --Before it exploded into house-to-house combat, murder, explosion, destruction, grief --when they knew that was coming if they invaded? Why did "Defense" Secretary order Generals NOT to even read "After Invasion Preparedness" papers --written long before the invasion?

After-Invasion How To: --thousands of pages, written by the knowlegable been there-done that, on the protection of borders, natives, museums, offices, documents, hospitals, schools, libraries, universities; medical supplies, food, roads, infrastructure, oil fields, generators, electricity grid, roads, airport, communities, mosques, institutions; reconstruction; organization; security; coordination of leaders, teachers, police, military and medical staffs? --EVERY Part of After-invasion --NOT allowed to read???

President of Vice stated 'they're no threat'..."Defense" Secretary: "dead-enders." So US Military didn't, duh, do any better than professional, trained, scientific inspectors --on hunt for weapons of massive destruction, but way DID find caches of rockets, bullets, mortars, launchers, et al --and Walked Away, leaving NO body to guard --uh, Why?

The real answer: It isn't Real? What comes out of White House toadies is Blather, meant to pacify --somebody, somewhere? NO MEANING? US Army Basic Training: takes six - eight -twelve weeks? Say it takes 24 weeks. What's with: Three YEARS of 'training'? Oval Office crowd WANTS a strong, disciplined, trained Iraqi military? Or: 'Gotta keep fighting terrorists' ad nausea --suits their goals --as they send nation's Guard Back to Iraq, swipe rights, nominate/install 'macho men' who can't form coherent plan or sentence, properly secure peace or a laptop or even CDs.... Hell, they fire the competent/any who disagree with them.

A 500lb bomb...means pretty much everything into pulp? --TWO such bombs --on single story, brick & mortar structure guarentees it? Guarentees no answers, no trial.... But that amount of explosive: how does terrorist's face and head emerge intact?

"$25 million--MILLION--bucks" reward??? Why not $10,000 --$100,000 --even $1 million bucks reward on terrorist's head? In a country with 80 -90% unemployment, thanks to genius planners, WHERE was --common sense? Well, Hell not coming out of THEIR pockets, but WHAT do those people Use for brains? WHERE was, duh, a Time Limit on the reward? The "winner" will do what with the money? Buy bullets?

They CAN however, issue $11 BILLION dollar checks, to relatives, in
'friendly' 'helpful' states --Immediately after emergencies; No-bid/No compete contracts to pals & former employers; spy on domestic phone calls, e-mail, library books, movie rentals --and call for national ID card --while claiming to be looking for terrorists --while spying on AMERICANS --without court-approved orders --to increase control, power. But they can't state real reasons --before, during, after invading a country that did NOT attack this one? They don't know How/Care about competence, actual defense, doing the right thing or anything that doesn't net Them tons of cash, more power?

Fiscal responsibility, upholding of Constitution, international law, treaties, rights --protection of Iraqis, borders? Over two years of planning but inadequate troops, supplies and equipment? Massive waste larded with fraud and pedophiles in "homeland" "security" and clever deals to lease ports, but not screen cargo or secure US borders? Photo ops with the wife, now Rose Garden pop-up "news" "conferences." Like the setting somehow improves the content. More deck-chair arrangements....

For our money we get: nearly 500 sitting in No Man's land limbo, without charges, evidence or trial dates...nearly 50,000 (--100,000?) missing legs, arms, eyes, hands and family members; nearly 3,000 American dead; No security in Iraq, Afghanistan, Mississippi, New York, Washington, New Orleans or in between either border --or attendence at military funerals, not even one.

But they did fire the photographer after she dared to shoot flag-draped coffins returning to Dover airfield. They don't got a problem with the BEFORE photos, only with the AFTER ones. Guess they thought Actually showing all those coffins at once was 'bad' PR.... Curious: When anyone of them asked about reporters denied access at Dover...mysteriously: EVERY one says EXACT same answer....

President of Vice served in which branch? Occupant has how much combat experience? Nation's Guard sent --Out of the country --un-trained, ill-equiped??? So many ways, we got biggest mess in history of this country? Two oil boys..."religious" ones... hell-bent on welfare for the wealthy...using war? Whudda Thunk it: more dangerous, more harmful than Tricky Dick....

"Some day the people will demand peace
and we will have to get out of their way and let them have it."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Death of one sick terrorist: changes what? White House crowd has done what to affect Root cause of hatred of US? Those who on Tuesday hated us and the British don't hate us on Thursday after terrorist's death? Americans will get rights, privacy back? Now we're secure?

One terrorist, one militant religious advisor: dead. What difference? Iraqi families will be able to grocery shop safely? Electricity will run 24/7? Post traumatic stress will disappear? White House Proved democracy could be inserted on others at the end of automatic rifle? Iraqi oil will now repay US Treasury? $9 BILLION disappeared bucks will magically re-appear? US military will be home this week-end? Price of oil will go down to match actual demand? And porcines will be airborne....

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