24 June 2006

Illegals: Figured It Out Yet?

Angry at illegals --at people who came into the US illegally? Angry at all those from Mexico, Central and South America --who fill ERs, public schools --so much, schools are crowded, hospitals are closing to emergencies or closed permanently? Are you so angry you are part of the crowd pressuring Congress to "Do Something"? --Want borders 'beefed up' --walls, lots and lots of walls --border patrols and blah blah blah? Well: Have you figured it out yet? The solution to a problem: is in the problem.

While you were getting all hot and bothered, writing, calling Congress, maybe even 'saddling up' to "watch" the border:
Why did so many people come to US, illegally --since 1986? Think about it: Across the US, mid-West, unknown small towns, deep South; states that never saw Hispanics before, why did so many come, go so far from the border?

Business owners and corporations, members of the Republican Party, placed ads in Mexican newspapers advertising jobs in the US. Did you know that? Think about it: poultry processing plants, meat packing houses, cattle ranches; hotels, restaurants; dairy -crop farms --all the houses, malls built in California, Nevada, the South. Wal-Mart. Republicans hired all those who showed up --at Lower wages and --Duh, pocketed the profits.

Got a Chamber of Commerce in your town? Have you seen them --run around getting face time in front of cameras to declare: Americans did not want the jobs. Well, that is true: Americans do not want to work at Minimum Wage. Real translation: 'our members don't want to pay going rate for labor.'

While you were getting even angrier --Demanding borders be closed: those who came into the US knew they couldn't go back and forth. So: Duh --they came with their spouses, their children, aunts, uncles, parents
and Stayed.

How long until corporation CEOs, business owners, Republican Party, Commander in Grief figures it out: no books, clothing, cars, tech toys, houses, luxuries can be bought by Americans with NO job?

Remedies Want thousands --millions of illegals to "obey the law" --to leave? --No, Really want illegals to leave? Then start Demanding: borders be monitored but open; special pass for seasonal workers. Terrorists? They came in on jets, Business Class.
Demand Minimum Wage be raised.
Demand Republicans obey laws.
Figured it out yet? If construction --every job paid the going rate: Lots of Americans would work.

Flag-draped Americans coming home this week: 12 -join two thousand five hundred
Afghans, Iraqis Killed: over 60,000
Americans Wounded, Permanently Maimed: over 20,000
Terrorists Killed: One
People Arrested, Held Without Charge, Lawyer, Rights, Trial Date: 465
Chief Procurement Officer: found Guilty
First Pal Ken Lay: convicted
House Whip Delay: indicted, awaiting trial
FEMA Director: found Incompetent, fired
CIA Director Tenant: forced to resign
Chief Bagman to Republicans Lobbyist Abramoff: Pled Guilty
Chief of Staff to President of Vice: arrested, indicted
Missing, Stolen Social Security Number: 25 to 35 million Vets
Navy Missing, Stolen Social Security Number: 28,000
Price of Gasoline Past Six Years: risen over 300%
Exxon-Mobile, Chevron, BP, etc.1st Quarter: highest profit in 100 years
US Debt: $7.8 T-R-I-L-L-I-O-N
Tax Cut to Wealthiest 1%: Welfare extended
Estate Tax for Heirs of Millionaires: cut
"Unreasonable Search, Seizure"? Phone taps Without Court Order: 100% of Americans
Spying on Bank Records Without Court Order: 100% of Americans
"War" on Drugs: 80% of world's narcotics just harvested largest crop of opium ever in American-controlled Afghanistan
Press "Conferences": now higher profile, better surroundings, less said
Low Cost Medical Insurance: None
Home Owner Insurance Policy: thousands voided
World's Largest Auto-maker: about to go bankrupt
Republican-Packed Republican No-Longer supreme court: your property can now be declared "blighted" -given to private parties to develop for profit, in direct violation of US Constitution

Figured it out yet?

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