01 June 2006

~Best Money G...Can Buy --Update

HEY Right-wingers –If Marines went on murderous rampage, families, grandmothers, babies shot dead, each killed in bed…

Hey –Running Lardbutt –“religious” robber-barons, FOX “news” watcher-wingers –James Carville’s spouse, Ms. Annthrax Coldtart, Good Ol boys –ALL you Right-wingers: upset –at murderous Marines? Why?

When Oval Office occupant demanded we lob canon fodder Reservists and teens into faraway desert ravines –weren’t you all bouncy as new collard greens? He –Paid a liar $350,000 a Month, to hear what he wanted to hear in his ear by any means. When WMD inspectors hot on the trail of Nothing scenes –they yanked them by the jeans, to keep them from spilling the beans. But when he –“doctor” Condo –the Dick, the Wolf and the Perl couldn’t get reluctant French to assemble their machines –YOU Happily dumped their wine down latrines.

When Dicky Myers repeated all the “reasons” like some stinking comic’s routines –you just looked away, imitating giant Holsteins. President of Vice –aide to Halitosis, tap Root into US Treasury all like cozy sardines. –Thousands of prepped pages of after-war scenes, but on the way the Rummy again intervenes, so generals get orders to use them for sunscreens –you somehow surprised, at disappeared ancient museum figurines….

YOU merely watched as the Fired Army, National Guard and police reconvenes –while found stashes of weapons, rockets, armory guarded by NO means, and $62 Million crammed into TV propaganda demeans. When two wedding parties meet with carbines –Secretary of “Defense” no problem they were mashed to smithereens –you didn’t even notice, so busy off hating queens.

John O’Neal: brilliant FBI agent classy man of brains and of means, booted by FBI robotic management machines, but first he connected ALL the dots of wolverines, then off to head Tower Security on day of his death when it careens –you, ignorant indifferent buried in routines. NOW you’re surprised???

Occupant “accepted” “full responsibility” –Glug glug relief failures –means? Affect any different than just sucking down plate of pork and beans? When no-bid no-compete contracts funds cake in elegant canteens –who, Which leadership will pay for deaths by greens?

He got the job the first time on greasy pole swung by no—longer supreme court, which stopped the clock on counting ballots –then claimed there “wasn’t enough time to count ballots.” He got back in the second time by greased “vote” machines, cranked up with help from its Republican CEO and his vow to “help” the count. –Hence the title “occupant” –in case you were wondering. People are tortured, humiliated, abused –in prison, thrown in on no evidence, no charges, no witnesses, no rights, no notice, no trial dates. From “liberator” to occupier” –on memos asking “Why can’t people be forced to stand longer than the twelve hours I stand every day.” –Dogs to terrorize –yet “somehow” different than the terrorizer they replaced? Failure to supply supplies in time of war: an act of Treason? No???

“Chief” of the joints –charged with looking out for the military –did what? You were surprised he ran away to hide his head in “retirement”? WHAT did you Expect would happen: when chief terrorizer isn’t hauled up before Congress –court –tribunal –court Marshall –ANY authority to answer for his crimes? Hell, occupant, also not held in chains, defends him ad nausea. But: after five hours of search and destroy –on top of 32 MONTHS of ravaging: when the bills, AKA Death Compensation, went UP the chain who dares call it “mystery” or “unknown”? If you throw a pregnant grunt into the slammer –sole blame for torture, abuse without Order Givers joining her: WHAT did you Expect?

When you see ‘lecturer’ –in full military drag at the church podium and your reaction is applause: WHY did you expect the youth lobbed from such to be any ‘better’ than you? WHEN, which week –month do you wise up: they found out Which words you wanted to hear –to get your wallet un-locked, then crammed the words into occupant’s mouth –till you gave –gave –gave, till his cup ranith over with cash.

You got your “war” your military “might” –your Republican House, your Republican Senate, your country reeking of Republican-controlls. Controllers who changed bankruptcy, tax, injury claims, retirement, insurance, coal mines, logging, dumping, drug giveaway laws –to benefit THEM, so what did you Expect?

Neighbors ratted out their friends for the $70. US bucks US military handed out for “terrorists” –that now pack Gitmo. Now what? WHY are you upset –corporations' ads in Mexican newspapers –netted millions of illegals –WHY are you angry Now? THEY got all they wanted and much more –without a whimper out of YOU. What did You get? Jails, prisons packed full, the good-paying jobs lobbed overseas. YOU Got: the military -chain of command -Congress -Oval Office your money bought. So, No really, Now what?

Military Funerals Attended: 0
Oval Office "Approval": 26%

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