10 June 2006

~"Charlie Rose" --Happily No Charlie...

If you don't know: at an hour when most areas are stuck with slow-drip drivel of local "news," PBS airs "Charlie Rose Show," hosted by Southerner Charlie Rose. Program opens, most nights, with significant events of the day, details, political ramifications, perspective by analysts, reporters, specialists knowledgeable about the event.

Rose has been away, since about mid-March. In his absense: Past three months show has been wildly uneven, unexpected, unusual and Tterriffic. Guest hosts not just good but Superb have done the interviewing: Veteran print -TV reporters, authors, specialists from various fields; xxtreme conservatives, 'interviewing' like minded with baited leading 'questions.' --Nothing about it predictable. The producer or Booker or whomever has been choosing outstanding hosts paired with excellent unusual guests.

The good:
-Array spanning architects, authors, analysts, artists, auteurs; interspersed with anarchists, arch conservatives, actors and a**es. That's just the A list. -Conversation, debate deep enough for in-depth insight, background facts, thought process/personality of the guest; ideas; sometimes original thinking
-No music, hype, gimmicks
-No flogged drugs -cars -sugary cereal crap interruptions
-Stand-alone in-depth conversation, excellent questions, original answers

The bad:
-Charlie Rose. He makes what probably most viewers think is a good attempt at impartiality. HAH. When he's talking to a woman or to a Democrat: he does, by this author's count, one to all of about five things, that reveal his feelings about the guest and/or their viewpoint; he can't help himself --it leaks. An intellectual Democrat, female smarter than he --particularly repugnant: count goes up to seven or even eight ways that reveal his reaction --while his words oh-so-seemingly benign....

The ugly:
-Too often an egoist is at the table flogging his/her latest waste of what was once perfectly good raw film stock
-Sometimes they get bite of the whole hour. Boring bits to give a pass.
-Rose's not-disguised support --for he who steals elections; near-refusal of expressed criticism of him

Sadly, since his name is on the door, eventually Rose will return, along with viewer wincing at conversations with women, Democrats, et al.... Too bad, cuz the way the show is is so fine.... Extreme conservatives, 'interviewing' like minded with baited leading 'questions'...authors interviewing artists....

It way does not rise to the level of intellectuality, wit or charm of much-missed "Dick Cavett Show," but some rare nights it makes a run at it that mollifies the loss of that show, almost.

Remedy --for banal, vapid, fast-Gar-bage 'selling' shows
"Charlie Rose Show" on PBS
Send PBS a donation, if you want both to remain - SEE link in *Margin

Remedy --for 'celebrity'-riven media
If you absolutely Have to see celebrity junk: Do NOT buy the rags,
giving them money Insures there will be more pictures and more
pushing of them in/instead of hard news;
See that stuff --at the library and stop the flow of money
to the mosquitoes

Mission Accomplished:
-Oil: $70. + a barrel
-Low Wage Workers Imported for Corporations: 11 to 15 million
-Suspects Detained Without Rights: 465 -3
-Suspects Killed: One + one religious advisor
-Collateral Women, children, Men Caught in Cross-fire: over 50,000 + two wedding parties
-US Debt Including Welfare for the Wealthy: over $7 Trillion
-US Military + Nation' Guard Inserted: two countries
-Military Funerals Attended: 0

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