27 June 2006

Iraq: Go –Stay? –Plans? –Brains?

Americans debating, about three years late, what to do about sinkhole Iraq. Pull out –remain –send more troops, bring all home –keep paying Halitosis invoices –stay & pray? White House clearly has budget for speechwriters to think up slogans to save its flaccid reputation and crashing poll numbers –slap names on critics, but budget to think up anything to save/achieve the debacle that is invasion of Iraq? Where’s the brains –Plans, strategy? Or: does Administration leave military in Iraq until Americans loose all rights, freedoms and White House is free to do anything they chose, swiping un-written authority on claims “it’s legal”?

Republican leader of the Senate Dr. Frist:

“Announcing an artificial timeline for withdrawal, as the Democrats would have us do, would only embolden the terrorists and encourage them to persist in their atrocities. Simply stated, surrender is not a solution.” “His” views on energy: “…we should give renewed consideration to legislation, which Democrats have repeatedly blocked, that would open up small areas of Alaska to environmentally sensitive oil exploration. In addition, the United States should work to begin construction of new… nuclear power plants.”

“Sensitive” exploration –nukes??? Is that Anything like the way we ‘explored’ Iraq for “WMD”? Doctor Senator Frist neither thinks for himself, puts military’s welfare nor best interests of the country ahead of his Party. Dr. Frist’s bio doesn’t list any military service, but perhaps that’s because his testicles were removed –as he gives no appearance of having testicles as he fails to speak up for those doing the dying, but with no voice, as he lip-sinks Oval Office occupant’s talking points. http://frist.senate.gov/

Ditto good little Republican soldier Senator Warner. Ever-vocal Senator McCain –for war –against –staying –leaving, who can remember, he’s ever-busy out gathering /scoring points, but he’s always up for Soup du Jour opinion, so check the Oval Office website to find out where he’s at for the day. But in the morning: check it again; he doesn’t like his opinions to get stale. Other Senators –clueless what actual stench of war is about, speak in clumps and unison. Members of Senate, House who are thinking members of the Republican Party: too stunned, appalled, disgusted or angry to speak.

Decorated Viet Nam vet Democratic Senator Kerry says: ‘date-certain evacuation’ —and doing damn fine job running campaign –for long-dead 2004 Election. Baby-boomer Sen. Lieberman, Never ever was a Hippy, hot on war and on trail of crafting: party of One. Sen. Rodham Clinton: a mystery and a confusion, sorta; voted to give away Senate’s authority to declare war, but now against invasion, but won’t say so; ‘military should pull out –some day.’ Ex Marine Sen. Murtha, who once believed what “leaders” said about Viet Nam, not confused now: ‘Iraq is in chaos; generals have no plan; recent US military murders of civilians, confirmed by compensation paid to families, due to massive stress, inadequate troop number, objectives; generals angry at lack of leadership, direction from the top.’

If you label yourself Right-winger: you believe your Party’s line, want military to stay until “success” achieved –“success” un-defined; your mind closed. Left-winger: you want troops out now/date-certain; case and mind closed. What’s the answer –what should US do in Iraq now? –Which side is correct?

We can’t know where we’re going if we don’t know where we came from: WHY is the US in Iraq? Occupant told New York firefighters, widows, grieving parents: ‘strike at those who attacked us.’ Iraq had Nothing to do with September 11, 2001 attack, so no-go as a reason.

-Some guy got $350,000 a MONTH—times how many months?— to whisper sweets in their ears, as “evidence” used in State of the Union
-‘Iraq possessed weapons of massive proportions’
-Iraq might/maybe/could send “smoking cloud” over us
Quick hop to Africa by former Ambassador to investigate for the CIA: Another “reason” blown to bits, along with the $350,000-a-month-guy's "evidence" and the classified/ secret identity of his wife. –Revenge for blowing their excuses to invade.
Minor detail: Iraq was under UN restriction, Not allowed to fly –any at all
Okay, Iraq wasn’t going to fly any nuclear weapons here/anywhere, Duh, Reasons #2 and #3 dead.
Then they ‘floated’:
-terrible/bad/evil Saddam
–“evil” theme –got traction, lots of ‘ink’ -“certain” he has weapons capable of massive destruction? The Rummy delivered them, in person
At the same time: they go to work on the people who are supposed to represent us, we the people; imply any representative who doesn’t support them/give away authority to delcare war:
a) not patriotic
b) not real American
c) coward
–THIS from crowd that between them has combined military experience of: Zero years. But It works: members of House, Senate --everyone went silent.

What a coup. Except: the truth –the ‘elephant in the room’? Revealed During 2004 re-election campaign: Pentagon was ordered to prepare plans for invading Iraq –ON Inauguration day 2000 –3 1/2 years before invasion. The cite: General Wesley Clark. –The day Occupant swore to uphold the Constitution: How did he know Iraq would “need” to be invaded?

After shock wore off –rose petals, kisses way weren’t coming our way from Iraqis, violence and death against troops soared, opinion of Americans, world tanked his popularity…no WMD, not “evil Saddam” –no threat of nuclear weapon over the US –not a strike at those who attacked September 11th.

So Occupant floated another ‘balloon’: military invaded Iraq “to bring democracy.” Iraq was invaded for Democracy??? –2,5014 Americans, 30,000 to 100,000 Iraqis, countless coalition, aide, pacifist and contractors died –US Treasury striped bare, hemorrhaging red ink to “bring democracy”??? Cold comfort to widows, grieving parents, sisters, brothers, Americans.

Death rates and tanking poll numbers continue so Occupant’s toadies float another attack ‘balloon’ –version of ‘if you aren’t with us, you’re against us and a coward’ –to hold on to pals’ contracts and majority in Congress:
‘Democrats want to cut & run.’
Implied: Democrats as “Cowards”??? –Those “Cowards” made sure the world got Peace after worst right-wing extremists in history in germany blew up the world, for the second time;
“cowards” were in the mud, blood, heat, snow in Korea.
Over 58,000 “cowards” twisted in Vietnamese jungles, while those who sent them –fat cat Republicans like Dick Nixon sat home, lying to Americans, ‘winding down’ the war while secretly he escalated.

This –attack version a re-run: Democrats, working class, minorities and those who believe White House claims are the ones in the desert, doing the fighting and the dying; while fat cat Republicans, getting richer off the “war,” want to keep on keeping on. Now that we know the truth, what now?

Administration done anything to eliminate core reasons Arabs –Muslim extremists hate us? –Can Iraqi women send their children off to school –anyone go get groceries, gasoline –with any certainty? How is it Possible: super country with military budget of $446 Billion bucks can’t stop bunch of rag-tag insurgents –after Three Years? Tiny Israel, fraction of our military budget: 67 DAYS to end a war.

Stay –pull out?
-US troops weren’t trained in house door-to-door, neighborhood combat
-Halitosis, thanks to President of Vice, got tap-Root into US Treasury –on no bid, no compete contracts; over-charging; vast sums for what Army always did for itself
-American soldiers maimed, wounded, killed by bombs, in inadequate transport
-80 to 90% unemployment in Iraq
-No electricity; no working pipeline; no stability, no peace
-Not enough US troops to overwhelm fighters

This author has no personal stake –no family member getting maimed/wounded/blown up, does afford distance, objectivity –lots of time to think deeply what to do. Look at occupant’s claims:
-“Iraq’s oil will repay our costs”
-“outside agitators/terrorists coming in to Iraq; responsible for bombings”
-“our troops will stand down as Iraqis stand up”
-“Iraqis voted [in three elections], a government, a leader in place”
-Looked into Prime Minister al-Maliki’s eyeballs, likes what he sees
-Spying on Americans’ bank records –without court orders ‘–looking for bad guys’
-Insurgents fighting to get US out of Iraq, hate us/troops/democracy

So if we don’t have enough troops, most Iraqis unemployed, people with no future, no career, no money, loads of hate for Americans pour into Iraq, sign up to fight for pay: the obvious is obviously wrong.

So, this ugly mess –means? Together –what do we have? Bag full of remedies –if combined. Freely admitting, like the Occupant, no military strategy training, this author, unlike him, using common sense only, Supposing we: use Occupant’s claim’s, do exactly what he says; put his words into a Plan, put his feet so close to the fire –it singes him –we get a Plan, let’s call it Plan #1 –no Plan B.

-Position 2/3 US troops along Iraq’s borders –Iran –Jordan, etc., with ten to thirty Iraqis in between, say 10’ apart, all day, all night
-Halitosis, paying American truck drivers, guards, contractors, etc. over there nearly quarter of million, can afford to pay: each Iraqi $10. per day PLUS feed them –on THEIR tab (nope, don’t care whether legal or possible, don’t give a damn), from the billions they siphoned out of US Treasury
= Nothing, Nobody gets IN, nobody gets OUT of Iraq, without permission, check-point examination
-Any fighting in provinces and cities: Iraqi police/national guard/army to respond or not –it's on them
-White House: can use their no-doubt by now perfected spy ways to FIND who is sending money into Iraq, TO whom, Which pick-up point/ bank enabling; then cut it off
-No coalition of the coerced, US troops: fighting in neighborhoods; no more target

-Remaining 1/3 US, coalition troops, ten to fifty Iraqis—five feet apart, in between: divided between pipelines, electrical generators –guarding the infrastructure, all areas –until repaired; on-going
= No body crosses the borders; no guns/ammo/bombs/bomb equipment/money gets in

If Iraqis: smart enough to build “WMD” –pipeline and electricity, they’re smart enough to Repair them –without any help from Halitosis; Americans don’t need any more invoices from Halitosis.

Ergo, eventually: no American, multi-nation troops fight/wounded/killed; money, weapons, material, replacements dry up.
No more = No more. Eventually: whole thing dries up. All troops get out; they get to keep their pipeline, their oil; they reimburse US; right-wingers forced into actually enabling Iraqis to decide their own fate; left-wingers get troops back, no more war. The End.

One note: uniforms Iraqi police, military must be altered –trousers best choice; each distinct –only This time: US behaves as though they still have brains –number Each pair; guard them transit to delivery; on arrival in Iraq: assign each to named Iraqi with photo ID –Not stolen this time.

But: if Oval Office occupant “can’t”/ doesn’t find source of money going to insurgents: then Americans have proof –that Real purpose of spying on bank records –is spying –on Americans = more Imperial power-grab/loss of rights, violation of US Constitution.

Thought of this after the shock wore off, of The Rummy’s destruction, indifference. Thinking about it ever since. If no American troops in cities, insurgents cut off from replacements, money, weapons = end of shooting at Americans. Every thug fighting lives next door to someone: Eventually thugs have to get food, water, gas, more money. Eventually: Next-door neighbors will turn them in –death or exodus. Occupant & Co. won’t be removing any Iraqi assets. Iraqis can re-build schools, etc. their own selves. The End.

Let’s see the doughy little “brains” try to squirm away from this; right-winger, left-winger objection to US military protecting Iraq, Iraqis, infrastructure; removing object of insurgent violence, yet keeping troops from injury, while increasing employment, safety, peace –secure grocery shopping.

If You know Actual reason this can’t work –wanting to sell ice cream in the desert –continue making money off war doesn’t count, then: Post it. Otherwise: e-mail it to your reps in Congress. Find your rep’s contact info in the left column links.

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