08 June 2006

~"Sat on Info 18 hours" --or 18 Months?

Chiefs, Secretaries, Joints first fire civil servants, police, entire military and nation's guard, then label them "dead-enders" then 'disgruntled' then "insurgents" when US military starts drawing fire. Then They drop the labels, identify the leader, slap up his picture and cite him in briefings, by name. They find out in "February" what happened in November with Marines, supposedly inform their boss in March, but paid surviving family members 'death compensation' When? They sit on the pictures, the evidence and the story till US media report it. They got a PR firm, reportedly at $35,000. a month, and an ad agency consultant on staff. You remember the ad agency consultant, dontcha? She's the genius behind "Mission Accomplished."

They know WHO he is, they know what he looks like, they know what he's doing, they know How he's doing it and who he's doing it with, they know he's inside Iraq --But: they don't go after him till NOW???

So: They 'can't'/don't find him till AFTER the start of Formal 'inquiry'/Iraqi/ Congressional/Military investigations on Marines begin.

Usually this author lets some time pass, for various things to float to the top, before commenting. Not this time: They 'JUST NOW' got info on his hide-out location and only 'sat on it for 18 hours' before hitting the target? The military grunts sure are free to believe that, so is the US media and so are you. But me: They got a PR firm, reportedly at $35,000. a month, and an ad agency consultant on staff. They pumped $62 million bucks into a TV "news" station in Iraq and paid reporters to put stories in Middle Eastern newspapers, their version of news. It's a rare week they Don't manage the news and it's timing; release stinking stuff Fridays after reporters have split, crook their fingers at reporters to come Hither when the Real story is Yonder. i.e., Morning departure for a "conference" in Europe On the day FCC votes on allowing Mega-bloated media to engorge themselves. i.e., They tried to manage entire front pages with "Report" of Union, but the Universe screwed them Good --with announcement of the passing of Mrs. Coretta Scott King...on a day that meant she dominated front pages, not him....

Joint of the Marines hot-foots over to Iraq NOW --to give Marines a lecture on 'character' and 'values'??? Where was the lecture Before they were shipped to Iraq --or immediately After they got the news? WHY does he sprint over the Same week news of the murders of Iraqi families hits the public? Where were the reinforcements OR the replacements for exhausted troops, inadequate number? What the hell is America doing in Iraq?

At a time when, reportedly, Marines have shamed Americans, WHAT Could Possibly look better, or dwarf the story.... They got a PR firm, reportedly at $35,000. a month, and an ad agency consultant on staff. Two and a half more years....

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