13 June 2006

Charlie’s Back…

Charlie of “Charlie Rose Show” returned to the show yesterday, after three-months of heart repair in a French hospital. Too bad he didn’t have surgery on his other problem. –It must be difficult to fit through doorways –with an ego that size: entire first half of the show –the thing Most people long to hear –minute detail of “my heart surgery” and of “me, Charlie Rose, and my heart surgery, every detail” and more of “me me me and me on me.” Was there time –for Charlie to squeeze in Actual Thanks to all those who stepped in to host, to guests who agreed to the substitute host interviews? Did you hear any?

Second half: the only reason to keep flipping back to see when the first “subject” was over: Tom Friedman –on new Green technology to help the planet. The neo-cons –bloated oil boys –crafty coal creeps –their bought prostitutes in the “science” world who pollute the Internet with garbage designed to obscure facts and ALL their K Street crowd: trying to label “Green” vaguely French and ‘girlish’ and silly.

But: Fossil fuel is heating up the planet, which is causing certain types of cancer, destroying eco systems and species –FACT. YOU don’t Have to believe the evidence, but: What business can be done on a fried planet…with Florida, New York World Trade Center Monument, most of Greenland under water? That crowd will go the way of the Do-Do, look Seriously stupid in their SUVs, when the rest of the world moves past them –in Clean transport. Their turn IS coming –and so is everyone else’s. This author has a theory: fossil fuel pulled from deep in the earth –with out any ‘lubricant’ causes plates to shift = triggers earthquakes? Those jumping into Green tech: may they go so fast question won’t get answer. Early money rises fastest….

Did Charlie leave his bags in France??? Looks like it, from here.

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  1. You're correct about Iraq not getting more of the credit for catching Zarkawi, but this was an opportunity for the pathetic Bush administration to finally brag about how being in Iraq is just so right.
    Go easy on Charlie Rose. C'mon, heart surgery is serious stuff, and he earned the right to discuss the details. He is no friend of these criminals running this country.

  2. Thanks for posting, Bruce! I welcome opinion from any 'side' but since I spend time reading, posting to right-wing blogs--if we don't communicate, how will we put this country back together--it is good to hear from one who does not support....
    As to Charlie: Half an hour on Me & my Heart??? OK, OK, Maybe a heart prob is serious...this child of once-prominent cardiac-pulmonary specialist doesn't think so.
    But your timing is very good! Did you see it last nite --Al Gore for the hour? Was thinking of posting on it. He started doing the usual --until Gore stared him down. Ol Charlie didn't do his stuff again. He didn't behave up to the level of having GM CEO, but he dropped most of the tricks.
    Sorry: he IS a fan, trying, desperately, to nail down WHY others despise and so much. Just One Clue: watch him rapid/cut ques's-answers next time a Dem. at the table --till they look the fool, unable to finish a sentence/
    make any sense. You're always welcomed here.

  3. Anonymous9:51 AM

    Yes, I saw the show. Naturally, some ignorant people in Atlanta think that "An Inconvenient Truth" is political. They will never admit that a Dem can be more intelligent than them. After all, Rush says that those who care for the environment are "environmental wackos." How can we defeat these idiots?
    I did notice the brief exchange about Rose's health problem, and I had to google to find out why he was gone for so long. But I think that Gore did acknowledge it in a tasteful way. Charlie may not be as good an interviewer as a Brian Lamb, say, but he asks good questions. And I like his guests.
    I am still reeling from the loss of AirAmerica here. We did all we could with e-Mails and letter writing campaigns. The new station owners did keep Al Franken from noon to 3.

  4. Delighted to have a reader from the South, thanks. I watch 'Charlie' (earlier post on why he was away) for exact same reasons: good ques's, good guests; but sometimes his biased habits are annoying.
    "How to defeat": This blog is my effort to show how the occupant is harmful to all; not a Republican; used their beliefs to steal their loyalty, give nothing, to any, except to those who heave chunks of cash;
    -network with your neighbors & their neighbors;
    -pick up at Post Office, always carry, Voter Registration forms
    -hand out at grocery -movie lines, bus stops, senior adult homes;
    -maybe e-mail some of these posts.
    Googled "Air America" Atlanta, had not heard about that, so condolences.