21 May 2006

A Pox on NBC?

"The West Wing" is CLOSED. NBC's Anne Coughs-up-beefless-stew, Jay Leans-to-the-right, while poise boys pose for the stockholders, the advertisers, the Pentagon -don't give a damn about ethics, oversight or you, unless you got a certain number, but they are keen to serve you up to fat-cat corporations, while ignoring their responsibility, privileges, obligations.

Can Anyone Anywhere pack more slobbering emotion into a sentence than Anne Coughs-up? Makes Diane Sawyer look like only a drama queen. Well, Pebble Screwdriver does Try, but he's no match for the Drip Queen. . . . Jay Leans-to-the-right serves up his choices for political office, unhampered by quality, Fairness, laws, ethics, opposition candidates. . . while "The West Wing" had too much depth, breadth, ideas, quality for the corporate crowd. . . .

There are dozens -hundreds? of stories, reports, inquiries they Could be doing, on Congress, Pentagon, agencies, "doctor" Condo. . .people, think tanks, universities with solutions. . . . But Nope, their Only interest is self-interest, serving up 'certain' numbers with 'certain' ages. . .to cram more bucks down their trousers. So the finest writing ever put on air waves is in the shredder, back to flicking pablum at you.
A Pox on all their heads.

They are using OUR air waves. But NothingButCrap can't be bothered to meet it's obligation granted by FCC, Another entity that Isn't performing its obligations TO/FOR Americans. Get them in the only place that matters to them, where it hurts: financially.
If you work for a city or a school, in a trade or hospitality, for an employer with an employee pension fund: find out if the fund owns any stock in GE (parent) or any of it's subsidiaries.
If so, ask your co-workers to join you in asking the fund manager: to dump the stock.

Watch the Crap Corp., "mute" on, long enough to grab some advertiser names. Send the advertisers notice: you won't be using their products as long as they advertise at NumbskullBoringCentral, as long as our air waves used to dish garbage, ignore responsibility to be eyes, ears for us, to watch government. We can survive without another "Joey" -we can't survive if dictatorship is installed, thin layer on layer -with no media attention, no media megaphone, no warning.

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