06 May 2006

Moussaoui: Verdict?

In case you have been busy, living your life and expecting federal government employees to do their jobs, provide remedies, and you haven't followed the trial: the feds put a man named Moussaoui on trial for being part of the September 11 attack on the US. How'd they do? What's the verdict?

Federal prosecutors charged Moussaoui with failing to tell FBI agents, while he was under arrest, during the month before the attack, what he knew, thereby being part cause of the attack. In effect: for failing to disclose he was charged with lying. Feds put him on trial for lying. That hasn't happened before, ever. Every husband, every boyfriend in America better listen up: You could get the chair for telling a lie. Telling your main squeeze a lie is rotten and it makes you --a terrorist???

A Few Annoying Facts:

-FBI agent who questioned Moussaoui suspected he could get information from Moussaoui's computer; asked FBI management for permission to examine it. Permission: denied -SEVENTY times

-FBI management didn't believe computer was relevant to anything; claimed they did not see the SEVENTY (70) e-mail requests for permission

-A fed prosecutor "consulted" on the prosecution's case: she coached the fed's witnesses --in direct violation of the judge's orders; all of the coached witnesses were then barred from testifying

-Moussaoui did not fly any planes, was not on any plane, was in jail September 11 morning

-Lying to a federal agent is not a capital offense. If it was: there would be LOTS of dead Catholic priests

Oval Office occupant was shown a CIA memo: a month before September 11, headlined
"Terrorists Want to Hijack Planes, Crash Into US Buildings." His actions? Phones calls? Alerts he ordered? Notice to FAA, NTSB, Air force, Immigration, FBI, National Security Administration, NORAD, Air Traffic Control towers? Notice to American travelers? --Managers of famous, tall buildings? Squat. Zip. He was on vacation.

If you saw the Michael Moore movie "Fahrenheit 451" you know: his eyeballs scanned the memo; didn't register inside his brain. "Doctor" Condo testified to Senators:
"who should we have called? We didn't know when it was going to happen."

Job #One
Job of federal government: Protect Citizens. THAT, actually, IS the purpose of federal government. We don't need the feds to tell us to 'Buckle Up' or stick their collective nose into ANY personal behavior. The Reason we ship all that money to them: we Expect them to carry out their sworn job of providing a system in which we can pursue life, liberty, happiness --by protecting us.

Protection we got? President of Vice, Oval Office occupant and the people who control him have failed in every way. Worse: they have caused the demise of Americans, here and in two other countries. They have brought shame on all Americans by violating laws, international treaties, Geneva Convention, human rights, decentcy. They have caused passionate, capable people in the Pentagon, the FBI, the CIA to be shamed. They have caused all Americans to be put in jeopardy, endangered.

If IF the media had NOT been allowed to engorge themselves, by ripping down the firewall of competition; NOT allowed to simultaneously own newspapers, TV & radio stations in a single community, become mega-fat cats, but were still committed to the privileges granted them: THEY would have done Their job. Told Whole story. Or at least, deeply examined story they were given by the administration. WHEN will even ONE ask: WHAT policies, WHAT actions of the feds caused (causing?) so much hatred of the US? Supporting one small country is NOT enough to generate the amount of hatred that caused September 11. WHICH media, which reporter, which editor will Actually Ask, get the answers --all the answers? Or do you believe Moussaoui did it all --masterminded it by himself?

One FBI department head saw September 11 attack: as an opportunity to get more money for that department. If you didn't see the "60 Minutes" piece: every morning a translator found all of her previous day's work deleted. She was told to take long lunches, the better to slow down the work, the more 'need' could be shown for increasing the budget to hire more translators. 'Don't work too fast' --'don't work too smart,' FBI motto?

Billions have been handed out to FBI, CIA. What have they --we got to show for it? FBI is still hot on the old mission of pursuing bank robbers of insured banks to the ends of the earth. Thieves of over 3,000 lives? You may have forgotten: FBI had an informant living IN a house in California with two of the killers, with Loads of foreknowledge. FBI--on occupant's orders?--abetted 182 passengers who were picked up September 13, from all over the country, and flown out without a single question or answer, the only plane allowed to fly after the attack. A brilliant FBI agent: connected all the 'dots' --of terrorist cells and attacks and people, long before September 11. He was working as head of Tower security, after FBI management refused to listen and forced him out, on petty bureaucratic charges. He was in his office September 11, in the first Tower. Management has changed it ways --unbuttoned it's lock-step style? CIA --has stopped their turf-protection mission --shares info --with any department?

Family members, still mourning September 11, were misled by Federal prosecutors. Twelve Smart people gave a verdict: they said 'Nope.' Moussaoui? Is he mentally ill? A wannabe pilot? A liar? A terrorist or a wannabe? He claims he hates Americans, would like to kill us. Apparently he also doesn’t believe in Ko’ran or Muslim faith either. A crime? Capital crime? Jury said: lying does not get Moussaoui time in an electric chair or behind a needle cocktail, at least not without PROOF. He will spend all the rest of his birthdays in a pen, by himself.

Verdict on Federal prosecutors? Where was the evidence? Hell, where was the case? HOW did Moussaoui have any part of the attack, the crashes, the murders? They proved: Moussaoui was an illegal immigrant. Period. Who would hire any of them for ordinary Slip & Fall? Yup, we got the worst lawyers money can buy.

The Verdict
Administration, FBI and CIA management ain't protecting any American bodies but their own. Mission of Oval Office occupant: welfare to the wealthiest; strip out the middle class; bankrupt the country; enable illegal immigrants to work for his pals. President of Vice Mission: abet oily pals; aide, engorge Halitosis with No-bid, No compete contracts for un-washed laundry, un-hot food, un-secured Iraqi oil lines, un-built structures --on negligent oversight. But hey, he's getting his $2 1/2 million annual "pension" from them, why would he complain?

Probably the only Real/Best Solution for the overlapping, utterly wasteful duplication: FBI and CIA should be merged. One division handling domestic crime, one international crime. Then: EVERY body could talk, share info. CIA agents, analysts who quit when 'chief' "It's [finding WMD] a Slam-Dunk" Tenant bailed: should be asked to return to help the agents who remained, to cope with dysfunctional White House to protect us.

Swing by the Post Office: pick up Voter Registration forms; if you care enough to read this, care enough to see that everyone you know and TEN people you don't gets registered to VOTE in November; hand out form everywhere

Write to your Senators, your Reps in the House
Demand they hold hearings, even closed-door, to examine structure, management, re-organization, budget of FBI and CIA
You can find your Reps in the links to the left. If you saw Senator Obama on “Charlie Rose” last week you know: he said as few as 100 sincere letters from constituents makes a difference, has impact. They Will listen to you.

Never Again: ONE party allowed to control Executive branch AND both houses of Congress. The "genius" who manipulates campaigns for the occupant: going to send messages to you, right up to night before November election --saying any/every thing to convince you to vote for the Republican Party in your neighborhood. You want more of what we got now? Believe the messages, the attacks, the fear. You want responsible, debt-free, smart government: Ignore the propaganda. IGNORE the emotional hype that's comming. Make up your own mind.

Occupant, feds proved: not looking out for you. STOP putting your life in plastic. STOP asking some mega-bank to loan you money to eat out, finance a life-style you CAN'T afford. Save Your Money. NOTHING you can buy in a store is worth your security, your health, your ability to take care of yourself. Sock away as much money –EVERY week, as possible. If Europeans and Asians can save huge chunks of their income, can’t you? Brown-bag it, use mass transit, use pre-paid cell phone plan, make your own coffee, take in a college student border, use the library to get CD movies, magazines free, walk your neighbor’s pet, whatever it takes –to save minimum $10. every day. Each month of $300. will mean in twelve months you’ll be getting interest on $3,650.

If you need incentive: --That's the amount you need to live for one Month? Picture needing that amount –Every month –but without a job. You’ll still need to eat, pay for shelter, transportation, utilities plus any medical expenses. Save More. Start saving now, you can have enough by the time you need it. New clothes, tools, tech toys aren’t going to enhance your life –if you’re living in the street. Don’t think that can happen to you? Call someone in Florida, New Orleans, senior adult center: ask if they’ll be taking any trips this summer; where, what they will be having dinner; what it's like to live without any money.

A real leader, who gives a damn.
Why was the occupant, "judge" Scalia and all the others --laughing, making jokes at the Press Club dinner last week? IF this is a REAL war: what's so funny? Where is admission of failure --apology for incompetence? Where is contrition from Rumsfeld? Why aren't the consequences of WAR affecting them? Did they forget: over 500 people are sitting in make-shift prison --without lawyers, court dates, rights, dignity or their own country's protection. How many families in Iraq are mourning their missing family members? "We don't count those." How many families in New York? What the hell is so funny?

Americans, returned from Afghanistan, Iraq to their family in a box: 2,414
Americans who "Approve" of Occupant's performance down to: 33%

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