09 May 2006

Ohio -Florida -Texas: Gas? Peace?

The ONLY way we are going to get any alternative to polluting sky-high gas OR any Peace OR representatives who Care about what we want: Demand electronic voting machines be removed, Demand they be replaced with: Ink dot or chad-type voting machines. If you don't get the machines out: It won't Matter Who / What you vote for/against, get used to soaring gas price, no peace. The fix is in: vote total of electronic machines can Easily be changed, WAS changed in 2004 national election.

In case you think this sounds 'nutty' or don't believe it:
-In Florida, where the Oval Office occupant's brother is governor, vote count was 'muddled,' it was claimed, by 'confused' voters, 'confused' with chad/punch ballots. Were Florida voters 'confused' or: was voting material INTENTIONALLY designed to deceive? Or did Jewish voters just Intentionally vote for extreme right-wing Republican Pat Buchanan instead of Democratic candidate Al Gore, instead of current Oval Office occupant? Even Buchanan was astounded his Florida vote count was so high it exceeded count anywhere else; so high he thought it was hilarious and TOTAL MISTAKE. In case you don't know, don't remember: Pat Buchanan orchestrated Ronald Reagan placing wreaths on World War II graves --to honor dead german SS military --seen around the world in first world-wide telecast, live.

Black Voters
Different vote tactics were used on Florida black voters. In case you forgot: Ballots went into the trash. Some voters were required to pay a “fee” AKA Civil War-era Poll Tax in order to vote, in direct violation of specific federal law. Other Polling stations were set up in new locations, without notice; not set up at all in some neighborhoods. Some well-known stable neighborhoods did not receive enough booths, which caused 4 -7 hour lines to form. Some decades-long black voters were told their name had been struck off the list, then given polling address that didn't exist or “new” wrong address whereupon they were sent back to the original polling station, which of course, by then was closed.

Texas? What can be said about a former bug extermination business owner who worked his way up and used his position in House of Representatives --to get Texas districts re-drawn in favor of Republican Party, long after re-draw deadline? When Texas Democrats left the state to evade the re-draw approval vote? Ex-cockroach hunter: Sent Marshals to arrest them, claiming 'Homeland Security' to justify spending/wasting Thousands of dollars.

-CEO of Diebold electronic vote machines: stood up at a Republican fund-raising event and declared to current Oval Office occupant “I will do whatever I can to help Republican Party and you get re-elected.” “Re-elected”? Majority of Americans did not Vote FOR him the First time; he got inserted into the Oval Office by the no-longer supreme court, via biased Activist “judges.” Republican Party members did not mind Those “Activist judges.”

-Then Republican Party-controlled Congress used what happened to chad/punch ballots in Florida to: 'somehow' come up with millions of dollars for Not just new voting equipment, but for new electronic “vote” machines, Diebold machines, across the country. But that wasn't enough: they made it Mandatory the machines be installed, with deadlines. Some states have resisted.

Ohio, Florida, Texas: 'drank the Kool-Aide' and the “vote” machines have been installed. But: helped what? Remember? Ohio voters stood in the rain, election night November 2004, waiting to vote until 4 AM. The White House called all the networks at 8 PM --angry that Ohio had not been called for the occupant. HOW did they know HE would win Ohio's Electoral Votes --EIGHT HOURS before polls closed?

Since then software programmers and ex Dieboldt employees have testified in numerous cities, counties to local officials: precisely How electronic voting machine vote tallies can be changed, and How easily.

“Some day the people will demand peace
and we will have to get out of their way
and let them have it.” Dwight Eisenhower

People who want to benefit their pals. Invasion of another Middle Eastern country --with nuclear weapons --with nuclear weapons??? Another “war”? We can NOT afford any more “religious” people who want to invade other countries to “bring democracy” for pay-back to their pals. If you are a right-winger or a senior adult who still thinks the occupant & co should be supported: how much would you like it if some other country decided THEIR form of government should be “inserted” in the US?

We only have the one planet, the one life. You have a voice, you have a vote. What kind of life is that going to be?

Matters to You?
If you care about gas price, about peace, others' rights, universal medical insurance, federal debt, strangle-hold on Congress, changing the White House, single-Party rule, seeing your vote Count: Demand change. If you don't demand that your local representatives dump the electronic vote machines NOW: you --local officals will be busy during summer, fall will be TOO LATE.

THIS Week Ask your neighbors, friends, family to: contact local representatives, and keep on contacting them until electronic “voting” machines are replaced.

This Week:
-Write out a list of groups, organizations, clubs to contact. Ask them to contact local representatives to DUMP ELECTRONIC VOTING MACHINES
-Organize post-card writing sessions
-Contact One neighbor on each adjoining block: ask them to contact one person in each adjoining block, then each organize everyone else on the block, and everyone they know to contact local representatives

-Next Week:
Write a letter to the editor of your area's largest, smallest newspapers; get several others to sign it: ask for the paper's and the community's help to get electronic vote machines OUT, replaced with non-electronic, non-Dieboldt voting equipment

Next Post Office Visit:
-Pick up extra Voter Registration forms
Distribute to everyone at work, waiting in movie -grocery lines, cleaners, soccer practice, bus stop, PTA, book club; at the gym, pre-school, practice
-Ask your mail carrier to bring Voter Registration forms to you, weekly

Returned Americans, draped in stripes: 2,444

We went to war, where is the "money from Iraqi oil will pay for it"?
We went to war, where is the sacrifice of the wealthiest?
If we are at war, where is border security? Job Approval: only 31%

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