29 January 2006

GM, Kobe, Pentagon...

General Motors will not recover. Lakers won't see Play-off. Pentagon will "win" wind.

General Motors: management, old -new, can give away pieces, make things, do whatever work. Union leaders --can, can not join them. But: GM deceived.

Cities ripped out trolley car rails, destroyed mass transportation, suddenly --all across the country --all on their own? Or at behest of GM management who wanted to generate sales of cars to individuals? GM: convinced people, people who were supposed to be looking out for Common good, not to require High mileage; allowed reduction of taxes for purchase of costliest cars; allowed gigantic hole--created for them--passenger cab placed over truck chassis --thereby creating hybrid, that rolls over, that kills --Not to do the right thing. GM: wanted piece-o-Chinese pie; changed healthy bicycle-riding nation into joiner --biggest polluters on the planet. GM can not lower pollutant emissions --except after loosing suits, in California, after damage.

GM: can NOT create cars people want --clueless what that is, shall remain that way, as long as women not part of creative team; team in-putted so heavily not free, by ANY definition, to create; women not significant part of management.

Analysts, males, talk about 'lay-offs' --'legacy' workers --health-care costs; investors, males, 'reward' when reductions are announced. GM management: can spend rest of the year in Bankruptcy Court. --None of it will affect positive outcome. Management, male, functions with 'herd' mentality, soul-killing fear. GM: has violated Natural laws; Nature; polluted the planet for its own gain. It has no yin-yang. Solutions: Easy ones --staring --screaming at them will NOT occur, not be presented --until they correct the violations.

It does not matter how many, how large --the checks. Phil Jackson, author believes, knows it, Kobe Bryant does not. He can hire Best PR team, law firm, ad agency --promote, advertise, speak, hide, giggle, wet his lips... put a ball --anywhere, any amount of times. No change. He violated; betrayed; omitted truth. He could send a check a week --he has not Corrected. Nothing will change: until he does.

They do tomorrow morning --exactly what they did yesterday, the day before. They give lip service, tiny budgets --to those who want to change it. Yet Thief. Stole hearts, minds, bodies, souls, land, loyalty --life. They use toxins to 'fight'--and deny; fail to ship adequate water, vests, goggles, radios, troops, translators, intelligence --yet deny. They use everyone else's money, ten times more than any other country --YOUR money, to do it. It's called: "Bait & Switch" --or is it Manslaughter, to fail to equip, train Nation's Guard --then ship out of the country, collecting atta-boys, 'merit' badges, stars...drape the boxes in stripes --fire the female who photographs it...humiliate the male --dared to tell Truth to Power... tossed the pregnant grunt into a cell --ordered the woman general to sit, quietly, in the corner. Then blamed the grunt for following orders --the woman for failing to speak. WHO ordered sodomy? WHO Ordered Humiliation? WHO hired "contractors"? --"contractors" --different from Mob employees?

--WHO knows, best, what causes a man humiliation? WHICH Part of any of that: "Honor" --"Freedom" --Justice? WHICH Part: will change core cause of hatred, policies, decisions --that caused the hatred...shown on CNN: women, old men, children, dancing -cheering -laughing --celebrating in the street --on hearing of the murders September 11....

GM -Kobe -Pentagon -Ford -Enron -CEOs --wealthiest 1% whine/demand ever-more --leave everyone else to pay the bills: bridges, roads, rails --infrastructure --disease --hunger --rape --theft --hatred --invasions...glance, briefly, as jobs, wages, health, quality of life sink for everyone else....

Police, judges, jails nab the bank-robber. Who turns the flashlight on the thief in the night --who steals from your pocket with 'pencil' for special deal -law -project -pork for only one at the bottom of already-passed Bill? --The Big Dig, bridges to nowhere, pristine park pock-marked by oily pals --6,000+ bottom of just one --when nobody is watching?

There are laws, which if violated, have to be corrected. The Universe will not tolerate violation. Forces --swing wildly one way or another way. But: all violations are put in balance, eventually.

Some: get it. But unless they --the Manager, the CEO, the Investor, the General, the so-called religious leader ACT: each of the parts has the power to bring down the Whole. The Universe will not tolerate Imbalance Indefinitely.... Write: Senators, House of Representatives, Republican National Committee, Democratic National Committee, FCC, local newspaper, local TV, local radio station --demand exposure, better, deeper media coverage --enforcement of laws.

Remedies --of disease --arrogance --crimes will be supplied, one way or the other....

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