19 January 2006

Mad? Sad?

Mad? Sad?

It's a Law: it is not possible to be mad, sad, angry or 'blue' while gardening.

No ground space to garden? Use window space, south-facing --kitchen or bathroom. Make a "sling"
-screw S or cup hooks -one above left & right corner above window frame
-use gross-grain ribbon (that matches room color) or rope: knot ends,
then tie into bow -adjust both to be exact same size
-place one in each S or cup hook
-find scrap wood: slide through looped ribbon or rope
-if not high enough to catch sun or too high to water pots easily:
re-do the knots
-find red clay pots, potting soil, 2" plants or seeds -all at local nursery, local hardware store, or the $.99 Store
-check soil daily: for moisture --plants in a window will
dry out quickly

No south-facing windows?
-Use fire escape:
use lightweight window box on outside of railing -to keep escape route clear for emergency
-Use front door step: large pot with heavy rock in the bottom to prevent easy theft

What to grow? What could be more fun: radishes -they pop up fast; basil, cilantro and try green onion or scallion; maybe annual flowers

These can be started now, in January. Not possible -till snow melts/rain stops?
-Ask your local nursery for their catalog
-Then Google for: seed catalogs
and when they arrive -dream, plot and plan!
Some of the best: Park's, White Flower Farm

Even if weather gets better: no place to garden?
Most communities have set-aside outdoor ground plots. Contact City Hall to find out
if /where in your area. If there isn't any set-aside space, be a leader: Ask your local elected representative how you can get such a space set aside. Enlist some friends, family members, PTA, Chamber of Commerce, Girl Scouts or Boys Club to form a group.

Or: find a senior adult with a house and garden and make them an offer: help care for their plants in exchange for some space to plant directly in their garden or to place pots.

Don't want to grow your own food? Then grow food for song birds, butterflies, bees. They will Thank You -for being able to carry on their jobs. You will be connected to Nature -not to the junk that is bothering, much more fun. The anecdote: cancer-politics-remedies

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