29 January 2006


When did it happen, exactly, that you got dumb? Now, apparently: you got to have short sentences –flashing things –“celebrities” or you won't pay attention. How –when did that happen?

If it's true, that you are dumb –why did people write books –send you to school, taught to read, think? Why did anybody pay for college –trade school? WHY do you care what “celebrities” do -wear -say -eat? IF you Care so much Please explain: what does hearing/reading/seeing what the grossly over-paid under-worked people DO for you? HOW does that improve YOUR time –family –relationships –bank account
–quality of life? Using as model? --to figure out how to stand still and get over-paid without contributing any thing? No? Why: are you tolerating newspapers and Public’s airwaves to fill up with such trash?

CBS is so certain you are dumb: on Sunday morning they tell you what they are going to tell you, then they tell what they are going to tell you --every few minutes, you being too dumb(?) to hold the thought –longer than –few minutes? Cram it full of “Sell-a-brat's” “news.” To make sure they weren't hurting your brain: they dropped Single most intelligent person that ever appeared on any program in the US. He used to review literature, film, TV, theater --until they asked him to talk about anything but the thing that feeds them, TV. So he reviewed movies only, for years. Then CBS 'discovered' you are dumb so they got rid of him, then stopped covering cultural events, beautiful –innovative things.

They hired heads instead --to talk at you. Now the heads -One head whines –defends oil corporations, debt-card corporations, wags his tongue at how you spend money and misses his mommy –one head giggles –while delivering banal rants on the banal, lecture at, since you're not bright enough to 'get' Serious subjects, so you’re supposed to be enthralled watching their heads bobble -to hold your 'interest.' Another one is capable of covering various subjects with wry wit, but his finest piece: home-town village reaction, first on-air Sunday after September 11, 2001. Maybe: among the five finest things ever put on TV. Now: he covers whatever's going that's gross, disgusting, way down at the bottom waste-of-time dumb barrel. Not humorous, not wry, just fills up air.

Then any “celebrity” --“singer” --rag/pamphlet writer --ACT-or with a publicist & manager with a rolodex who wants to flog client's latest whatever: DEEEEEP INCITEFUL Examination of “celebrity's” personality, do's/don'ts ad nausea, cuz it's hard to learn about latest CD -book -video –movie anywhere else –without the coverage. Soup-de-jour platter had two: daughter of Important “celebrity” and an ex president. Ex pres –Who but he can polish his image like perpetual image-polisher
himself –while giggling “reporter” listened, in, uhm, awkward position, rapt as words tripped out of him –words that left out significant parts –utterly un-challenged –met with ‘ooohs’ and giggles, Crack reporter she. The daughter? WHAT did you 'get' out of that -except regret for wasted time?

They used to end the program with elk –bees, wild flowers, penguins, snow melting, fish struggling up-stream, cactus flowers, falling leaves –difficult to convey –looking at –focused on some tiny remote wedge of Nature…quietly -whatever Nature has going –three delicious minutes of it, no humans –speaking or showing. Now: cut to under one minute –so you, with 'new' short attention span, won't get –bored.

Unique aspects of political stories, cultural events, stories from Europe, Asia, remote corners –creative intelligent ideas, people, events –heavenly, two decades. –Finest thing anybody ever put on TV –till they "fixed" what wasn't broken –just for you, when you got dumb.

But if you’re so dumb that “only” way to get your head lifted is to jamb
“celebrities” into news, that does leave two tiny questions:
How come you’re smart enough to analyze which drugs you should take –then instruct your presumably-licensed doctor to prescribe for medical conditions which you have also diagnosed -with the blizzard of drug commercials?

Second: why is BBC News and Public Television giving facts, details, context, interviews on news stories that the ‘networks’ give only headlines? Really, why are they bothering with actual Facts –if you’re too dumb to pay attention/care?

So when do you suppose like you will get like 'smarter'? Till then: it’s OUR airwaves they’re using. Local affiliates of CBS also think you’re dumb –think of the stories they did last year: What burned down/cops working/who got shot “reports” –as long as there was film, that’s all you rated. Are you better-informed for that junk? Want Another year of it?

-Write to CBS head Les Moonves: http://www.cbsnews.com/htdocs/feedback/fb_news_form.shtml
–demand they un-fix “Sunday Morning”
–demand they inform, cover local and federal government, politics, events IN DEPTH –withOUT “celebrities”

-Write FCC: http://www.fcc.gov/cgb/complaints.html
-Call toll-free: 1-888-225-5322 (888-CALL FCC)

Media giants use OUR airwaves –demand they demand relevant coverage, enforce FCC rules -go BACK to Reason media were given license to use our airwaves: our ‘eyes’ ‘ears’ of what government does/doesn’t do

-Write: to the people who asked for your vote to represent you; demand that they require media do their job or loose broadcast license

–Senate: http://www.senate.gov/general/contact_information/senators_cfm.cfm

–House of Representatives: house.gov/writerep/

-Buy: one share of stock in CBS and/or parent Viacom
When they send proxy statement asking for your vote on candidates
for Board of Directors: tell them you will only vote for candidates
who will require return to informative responsible local, national
reporting and don't require news divisions generate profit

-Organize: neighbors/block, union -professional group -PTA –local boys, girls club parents -Each buy one share of stock; sign stock-holder petition –tell local media: you intend to vote as a block/demand coverage of local government/ stop “reporting” on “sell-a-brats”/stop requiring news departments generate a profit.

More “celebrity” junk? Relevant news coverage? Write –demand –or organize. Don’t do any: Loose your Right to complain –expect your representatives to ignore what media does –LOOSE democracy. All that is required for dictatorship: silence, inaction...

REMEDY Send donation –ANY amount–to PBS.org

They Don't care about ratings, Will tell you the 'rest of the story' -BUT the new president of CPB: supporter & donator, big time, of Oval Office Occupant

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