19 January 2006

Sad? Mad?

While you’re dealing with solving consider: should you take drugs?

House of Representatives Majority Party former head, Tom Delay, indicted, going to trial soon for various crimes, orchestrated Prescription Drug Bill through Congress-- held vote open four hours longer than historical usual time, threatened, cajoled, told one Rep. if he voted 'right' way Party would help his son's election --said whatever necessary to craft “easier” way to take drugs –boost profits of drug-makers (--they having “hard” time getting money). –Have government pay the bill, millions for millions of Americans. But why?

There is a food that will give feeling of well-being like no other. By the time– face the day -hit the road -begin work, will actually cheer you up. Oatmeal. There is something in oatmeal that creates feeling that isn’t in any other food I’ve ever eaten –and I’ve eaten lots!

-Small pot
-Boil water
-Add oats
-Cook :05 –stir several times
-Turn off heat, add lid, let sit, at least :10
-Finish getting dressed

-Into bowl -add: raisins –soy milk –turbinado (–natural sugar that contains nutrients) –cranberries –blue berries –walnuts or all. Eat hot.

Within ½ hour you –children –senior adults will feel Good, things just won’t seem
as bad. At the same time oatmeal is a ‘working’ food: it gathers up excess fat globules, sweeps blood and takes to the liver; then it ‘scrubs’ walls of the colon –pulls along debris that doesn’t belong, on the way out of the body. –All for amazing low cost –lower than drugs –tests, surgery, disease treatment, doctor office
visits –what a bargain.

If you want zippy blood, clean colon, feeling good use: oats –grown without pesticide, organic, and regular cooking type –doesn’t work with “instant” oatmeal. You are worth what it takes to make, eat real oatmeal. Sad –mad won’t seem so bad. That’s: cancer-politics-remedies

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