17 January 2006


Do you remember?

I was doing something with TV on, heard the reporter say
"…was killed today, shot on—
turned and walked to face the set—
"as he stood on the balcony of his hotel…"

Spring 1968...didn’t hear rest of what was said…thought: how very sad for black people –oh: white people…all of us lost something important today…what will happen...I had not gotten over death of JFK…why were both dead –how does murder make anything “better” –will country fall into a black hole never to recover…what's next....

Cities blew up --exploded...the pain was wrenching, to break the heart.... Many years later: I saw a documentry on Robert F. Kennedy, on PBS. He was shown approaching an outdoor stage, early evening. The voice-over said that as he was walking to outdoor stage he was told of the murder. He faced his audience, mostly black people. Many THINK they saw it at the time --news readers, the ignorant, the twenty-something microphone hogs will say it, BUT it was NOT seen on TV or known At the Time: RFK faced his audience, quickly told them news of the murder. Huge gasp.
Then: '...I can imagine the pain, that you are thinking "a white man did this" and I can tell you, a white man killed my brother...' Listeners slowly turned, went home, wept. That city the only one that did not explode in violence, burning, rage.

What would this country be...John...Martin...Robert....

Remedy: register to vote THIS WEEK --by Friday stop at Post Office (find closest one at link), get Voter Registration form, fill it out There (if you don't want calls from Party about events, just make up a phone number), choose a Party --hand form directly to clerk, mark tear-off part with date. -Take :20 tops, BEST way to get your voice heard --tell Washington YOU are now lobbyist --won't tolerate what's going on. That's: cancer-politics-remedies

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