15 January 2006

Happy NEW Year

Last year was 'hammocked' with Tsunami wipping families, villages & homes and ended with the person who swore in front of whole world to uphold law & Constitution admitting that he personally authorized spying on Americans --violated federal law. In the middle: melting ice caps --destruction of well-loved city, destruction of four states-worth coastline...person who has paid hush money to parents for violating children, deemed "not" guilty of doing it to again --to a 13-year cancer survivor who has indigent, unsavory parents, so they got nothing; death of the splendid --missed Ann Bancroft; banal offerings on Broadway --except for Billy Crystal's memoir "700 Sundays" --and bad movies, worse than previous years, most of them re-makes from previous decades. The utter slamming of villages, mountains of those who could least afford it in Pakistan. --Spy caught working in office of the President of Vice, indictments of "leader" in the House of Reps, and "aides" and "lead" bagman for corporations, investigations of "leader" in the Senate...occupant of the Oval office...and Senators...and pseudo reporters --used and/or paid...and Pentagon that received ten times more money than any other country on the planet, that "studies" armour --of humans and of transport --while both get blown up daily in invased Iraq, Afghanistan...and so it goes. In summary: a stinking rotten year --2006 has such promise --Plenty of Up-side potential --it CAN'T be as bad --right?

So: My wishes for the Planet --the animals --the birds --insects --flowers --trees --oceans --humans, countries: let us strike random acts of kindness to one another...let us pray "leaders" of religions stop spewing hate, disturbed pronouncements --on others' health, other religions & geography.

May we see Prime Minister of Isreal sit up then stand for election; President of Iran aquire insight, wisdom or silence; and the same for "leader" of Christians, Patrick Robertson...of Chile, Venezuela, England, France, Germany, the Netherlands & Poland...and the US...and to you: May you enjoy rude good health, some peace, some quiet, some pleasure, some fun --and some helpful knowledge from these Pages. A Votre Sante! You are most welcome back! to gain knowledge, protection: Cancer-politics-remedies

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