20 January 2006


Wish you felt better?

The inside of your mouth is not the place for a ‘party.’

Nothing you eat can change your –love life –family –job –debt –relatives –career –neighborhood –circumstances or any thing.

Reason to eat anything: –to shovel in –whatever some junky food corporation bought all those TV ads to get you/children/broke students, senior adults to think of them? Uh, nope. But If you think so: Dennis Hastert, Speaker of House of Representatives, Republican, made sure: If you get fat --eating junky food made fast, that contains ingredients they DON'T have to list anywhere, that causes adiction and obesity, he got protection --for the maker of that stuff. YOU CAN'T SUE.

But You CAN: supply the nutrients your bones, brain, organs, blood, cells need to perform.

Would you force a four-year old to eat garbage? Then be as nice to you. Better quality of supply: better the performance. Or: gar-bage in, gar-bage out. Too busy –too boring to take along a quality snack? Then: Why did Nature provide? Rather stick with Man-made “food”? --Then: save your money, like crazy –you’re going to need it, for insurance deductible when your doctor is doing whatever to put your body back to normal –or trying to.

REMEDY: If you are –craving –something that is devoid of nutrients:
1. Drink glass of water

2. Wait twenty minutes
Hunger urge will disappear –if it’s just a ‘head’ whim; if it’s genuine message for food –find best quality of a category to fuel-up; chew thoroughly, stop when you begin to feel full. Look at palm of your hand: that is approximate size that your stomach can hold at a time. Pile in more than that –‘stretch’ stomach: expect hips –waist –thighs to expand

3. Next time: bring along a high-quality snack
i.e. banana, for potassium; hard boiled egg, protein; apple, vitamins & fiber; walnuts, same important oil as salmon –brain food; or tangerine, vitamin C & raise blood-sugar level (--but not as messy as orange). That’s how –Not to get cancer –how to prevent colon-rectal cancer –keep cholesterol levels optimum –keep energy up, your body ‘humming’ -That’s: cancer-politics-remedies

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