31 January 2006

'Union'-Why Today?

Pop Quiz: Why is Oval Office Occupant delivering State of Fractured Union -today?

a) To show he's macho and not afraid of message in the newest tape

b) Force vote on his nomination to no-longer supreme court before speech

c) End of the month is 'slow' news time and he wanted all attention focused on him

Answer: All of the above -None of the above

Speech was scheduled long before newest tape appeared -long before children, women, old men were killed in their house by remote control -during attempt to kill elusive destructive leaders.

Occupant considers US Senate HIS servants, majority being of same Party, so he ordered them to vote on his nomination -in time for him to plant his nominee in the gallery, show off his new point-man on the court.

But the real answer, if you have been paying attention past five years, is: Three-card Monty.

Attention is directed here –while real action is over there. Just like the day FCC took "vote" on enabling giant media to engorge themselves, rip down firewall between ownership of radio-TV-newspapers-internet. Remember? Two Million+ wrote to FCC begging them not to do it, including Nat. Rifle Assoc., ACLU. But chairman Mikey Powell, Colin's kid, had his orders. So While vote held: Occupant hopped on plane to Europe –expecting reporters to follow –his every meaningless move, to distract from the vote. It's called 'managed' news, AKA 'it's what I pay my toadies to do for me.'

Today's 'card' game: Start of First Pal's trial –for Grotesque Theft –known well in advance. Before he got into the Oval, he ran around the country in First Pal Ken Lay's plane, using First Pal's money. Now: Occupant doesn't want media mentioning that "old" stuff, might 'tarnish' the reputation, what with everything else he's done past five years turning out so 'great.'

Second mis-direction: Announcement of how oil companies –Exxon, Mobile, Shell, et al, made out -what with that 'bad' patch of hurricanes and 'shortages' and "uncertainty" over supply last year.... Guess it worked out pretty well for them: they got same amount of oil in pipeline they had the day hurricane season began, but gosh, look how much more cash they got. VERY Well known when oily quarterly reports were comming out. -Reporters covering speech/not covering oily reports.

With the occupant you don't just get news -you get Managed news. And why wouldn't we: Long ago he hired an ad agency; he's paying a PR firm $325,000 a month -to 'handle' stuff...who IS paying those bills? Ad agency genius: she's the one who decided 'celebration' -forced ships to turn around, sailors to stop fighting -all hands could be on deck for announcement "Mission Accomplished" -end of "war" in Iraq two Years ago. Somebody forgot to tell Iraqis.... Somebody forgot to tell media: STOP PLAYING HIS GAME

Think the Occupant controls everything -always gets his way? Then you weren't paying Good attention: the Universe had something to say...Coretta Scott King...a week before –even two days later? Nope. Exactly precisely....


If you catch this year's version of how much is fractured, remember: the Opposite
of whatever he says is the Truth –unless you believe in giant media and fairy tales.


Time...only three more years....

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    I feel better then I have in Years.