18 November 2005

Western Medical Establishment - History

"We can not know where we are going if we do not know where we came from . . ."
Once upon a time in America doctors were in pursuit of knowlege, healing, Curing dis-ease of the human body. A doctor wanting a remedy: the PDR (Physcian's Desk Reference), found in every hospital, was consulted. There next to column of "Symptom" doctors found under "Treatment": "Spices" --until John D. Rockefeller came along. Can Mr. Rockefeller be considered the "father" of twentieth century disease?

When it was announced that Gilda Radner had ovarian cancer 'tool chest' was inadequate. This 'wall-less"
format did not exist, research was incomplete, only an abundance of --outrage.

As the questions, searching, learning piled up, so did the outrage. It reached a new plateau April 7, 2005 with "Nightly News" broadcast of Peter Jennings. His choice--to go with "most aggressive" level of Western Medical Establishment treatment of cancer--betrayed him --as it betrays children with brain tumors, unknown 100 years ago, American men --who expect to die of or with prostate cancer, women only twenty-something with breast cancer, others with soaring types, rate of dis-ease.

This space is Dedicated to: Gilda Radner, Peter Jennings and you.

To begin: Letter addressed to Peter Jennings will be posted. It will serve to give some scope of the material
to be presented in future. The views, ideas, conclusions are the author's, along with the outrage.

Western Medical Establishment does some things superbly well. Treatment of disease is not one of them. If it was: ill people would not pay upwards of $80,000. yet not be CURED. You are free to accept, reject. To object is waste of your energy, author's time --Plenty wait to take your money, give sympathy, author does neither. You are encouraged to retain instincts, skepticism, intelligence; do your own homework, be as kind, protective of your health as you would looking out for a 4-year old child.
A Votre Sante!

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