10 December 2005

Peter Jennings Pt II

Man is smarter? Single worst food? Wheat hull removed = white = no fiber = ‘goo’ —fried white flour —sticks to colon walls: host to parasites, disease. Translation: Don’t eat donuts.

Man is smarter? Women aren’t pausing to debate. —Mothers, wives, grandmothers, aunts, unable to provide for family, jumping into the Ganges to their death. Bureaucrats took the money, business men: ran away with the drinking water -shoved into bottles, pesticide syrup + toxin toss, TA–da: “Diet” Coca Cola —or nothing. South Americans –Indonesians –Americans don’t mind. UN, Washington, WHO, World Bank: indifferent. Destitute Indians: American terrorism.

Guns don’t kill people . . . the people who do the toxin–making do get what they’re doing? Nature does not make mistakes: For every dis–ease of human body Nature put the cure in several forms, several plants. Human body always seeks to heal itself —if no interference. Nature does not produce any thing it does not need. Spices, herbs, plants: Each a specific purpose.

As he Siphons water, mountains, rivers, air . . . nation’s trees —taking care of corporate pals, pals take care of Congress. Republicans weasel welfare for wealthiest, work for the ‘worthy,’ wreck everything else. Democrats also do deaf–dumb–dark deceit on crimes against humans, earth —flop–sweat no help. —Private supply water, air stashed? Don’t need the same planet? Where is the lobbyist —Everyone else’s welfare, interests, health? Isn’t purpose of government to serve us —not serve us to corporations? Who is focused: doing the right stuff?

As administration uses followers of a religion and our jet, amid vacations, to spend his ‘capital’ to sell the sizzle to sell out our future, if he gets to unravel majority’s safety net: how’s he pay bursting bills of medical “care” system? If he Truly wanted to secure both: would have taken on more debt --spent on no–threat–to–us? Ever since no–longer supreme court was used, proved: he can’t be trusted.

The obvious is obviously wrong. But Pals want as is: mercury–laced tuna sandwich, Congress’ “gifts” to toxin-makers —“sun screen” ‘warnings’ as skin cancer rate soars —ozone hole widens, Corp.’s strip quarter of planet’s entire resources into extinction —more past fifty years than past 10,000. How to defend -protect?

–Got disease? Top five countries with highest rate osteoporosis, arthritis same five with highest consumption: Got Milk. —Produces mucus: clogs cells, organs and, author believes, synapses —brain messages blocked/ not received = Alzheimer’s, MS, autism, more?
–Womb: mucus blocks proteins from bonding = birth defect, mental retardation
–Refined sugar cane, beet: intestine irritant– produces mucus to protect the body; i.e. 8 oz soda = 16 tsp. sugar
-Avoid animal milk, processed sugars; use fruit sugar
-Obtain Vitamin D: strengthen bones, kill pathogens –sunbathe naked :15 NO sunscreen
–Crops: Top three most heavily pesticided US crops: cotton, corn, rape seed
-Bed linen: Buy organic cotton sheets; or launder new many times before use
-Processed food, liquid: contain by–products of corn -with pesticide, i.e. soda = corn syrup
-Oil: use organic Canola (rape seed); olive, grapefruit seed or peanut
–Next most-pesticided: coffee bean -buy organic only; decaf: ‘washed’ in a toxin

–Personal care products: examine label for
-Petroleum derivative “PG” “propyl glycol”
-Sodium laurel sulfate: “SLS” –makes suds; causes dandruff, eye sting, blindness, heart attack
-Replace: nature-products, vegetable–based; i.e. Dr. Bronner’s Castille soap
-Return toxic products: for refund; if not: no incentive to stop offering

–Plastics, ‘cling’ wrap: contain dioxin; leeche into food; refuse to buy, i.e. on cheese
-Replace with: wax paper, glass fridge boxes, parchment, cheesecloth

–Water – Tap 1 cup, boiled = nitrates in 1 lb bacon
-Tap: toxins into body via hot water = after–shower drowsy = toxin reaction
-Filter: install shower head, kitchen, lavatory sink –Screen 99.7% –find: www.NSF.org

–Food: chicken, pig, cow, fish, turkey, shellfish —Flesh: toxic to the liver = 8 – 48 hrs to excrete
-Alcoholism: can effect everyone? Know a vegetarian with a drinking problem? Answer: No. Flesh -triggers craving for alcohol = stop eating flesh, stop alcohol addiction
-Fruit: on empty stomach = nutrients available immediately; in full stomach: not broken down quickly, ferments = drowsy feeling = internally drunk
-Eat: only created by Nature; organic fruit –vegetable, all colors, grains –fruit –beans –nuts

Ally: Prevention —must stop toxins from entering; when prevention fails: flush out

FDA: Known carcinogens not permitted in consumables, by law

EPA: Mandates chlorine, 13 other VOCs (volatile chemicals) in municipal water, to supposedly prevent typhoid.; exposed to sunlight in storage: some combine to form other toxins. Permits: discharge of mercury, lead, toxins, machine oil into water, even with expired Permit, i.e. US Navy —San Diego, Virginia, any US port

June 2001 FDA Changed the Rules: http://www.fda.gov/OHRMS/DOCKETS/98fr/032801a.htm Bottled water now: “standards” —of tap water. Now: Anyone can bottle tap water. No VOCs tests, toxin labeling; bottler “self” testing. Protests to FDA (3), Senators, Science in Public Interest, Ted Koppel, editors, others = Total Silence. --None drinks, ever? Find bottled water in your state screened to 99.7% of metals (lead, mercury), cysts (parasites), turbidity (sediment), VOCs (-chlorine -chloriflorms, 13 others): www.nsf.org

Oil reserves -shrinking, but Congress shirking. -Plastic bags —billions used an hour –day, dumped in landfills, daily. How long to break-down; when dioxin leeches? Soaring rate of asthma in the very short, in the tree-less areas —they don’t vote or count? Water to sustain crops, voters -wasted by oil search. When oil disappears, 8–20 years: Vehicles, Economy, Invasions? As pals pump . . . Nature abhors vacuum: earthquakes. Telethon -monthly? Focus harder -one religion? Cut a check to -Nature? Kentucky, Louisiana, West Virginia, the South: massive amounts of toxic waste dumped.

Women slather beautifully–packaged great smelling carcinogens which don’t give disease late in life, but —cancer —in their ‘20’s and 30’s. —Targets of corp.’s raking in Million dollars a day off them, where’s warning label? Where’s Medical Establishment explanation of ingredients on the free air time, loads, media gives them, daily? See no evil, speak no evil?

Or when a neighbor’s killer kills lawn weeds? —Wafts over next–door tot, leeches into soil –street trees –ground water, runs off in sprinkled water into oceans killing fish, comes down in rain, fewer spring birds return, no bees, spouse miscarries, tot dies, oh Oops. But no worries, ‘neighbor’ no criminal: Killer Legal. Oh, well. But not everyone has a lawn: steady sales with product shoved into already dead for no purpose, but chemical–maker Thought up A “benefit” and —Viola! ‘Rounded up’ even more customers: anybody who goes to bed —gets soaked. Sheets, covers, mattresses soaked in formaldehyde —by law, to prevent uhm . . . ‘germs’ -ya, that’s a good one. Inhale lethal toxin while asleep . . . to benefit toxin–maker, improve makers’ bottom line -Isn’t insane? Liver transplant: 5,000 a year —just UCLA. AMA public statements?

But: Elderly Mexicans . . . ? If bakers were forced to add nutrients, $.02 worth, to every batch of tortilla, would people in Mexico: survive, thrive, grow as tall as US cousins, sharpen, focus —resolve country’s economic problems —stop pouring into this country illegally? Duh.

A Death Certificate: “Cause: second–hand smoke” —exists? Product used twenty years ago —YOU caused disease? Oh? —Female wearing a skirt —not the rapist? —Children killed every day -their fault for getting shot? Corp.’s Public comment —easy–access guns hurting ‘their’ market? On a morgue slab —no further interest? Medical community comments: on toxins in water; source, cheap small and rapid fire --packing ER’s nightly? No? Ah, Let’s Focus on Tobacco —so no notice everything else? Yup, that’s the ticket. But: who has the toxicology encyclopedia of perfume ingredients? But: How many use Tobacco Vs Bathe? —Vs perfume users? —Vs hand–gun owners? Uh, AMA took money from Tobacco —Gobs, Decades, silently. Money off toddlers –teens –middles –eldsters —if toxins illegal, polluters jailed, Prevention -if cash cows healthy? Looking out for? And now?

Medical Establishment well–knows: no gadget or drug will cure pedophilia. So also do judges, guards, grieving parents —Thousands, over decades. Where is Admission --Apology for silence, phony letters, complicity on predator priests —shipped around for years after “treatment”?

Doctors, paramedics –transport; hospital –equipment –meds –supplies –staff: ALL Paid. But Owner? Expected give it up: Free. Establishment made sure: “Illegal” to Sell Organs = looking out for? Red Cross does what with Free blood? Occupant and the gang So into killing prisoners, but Why stop at execution? New Law: harvest,
auction the organs, new side biz for Haliburton & co?

US doctors listen to patients on average: :07 before cutting off, moving on; longer to education source: sales reps —of drug companies. —Reps, not doctors or techs.

Those in charge of our health: Public Apology for “treatment” to ‘cure’ ‘femaleness’ —teen through menopause -except heart attack, usually mis–diagnosed? —“Treatment” of black people, dying younger–aged than white neighbors? A Dr. Spock in the crowd Denouncement: labeling Invasion “war”? —On Bait & Switch or is it Manslaughter to send un–equipped National Guard out of the nation? —On using Bullets to ‘convince’ others our “views” are ‘better’? Anything to say on US: Torture —Heart–exploding blows, Sodomy —‘Conservative’ sleep deprivation —Artificial limb shortage —Three Month wait for therapy? —On failure to prosecute or even to stop cadet rape? —Navy discharge of toxins poisoning fish, oceans, humans World–wide? Same time as Public Admission cells mal–form, collapse every damn day and just need flushing? When porcine wings in vogue? —Cuz all of it: creates customers . . . .

So if a Jacqueline Kennedy, a Peter Jennings, a president can get free advertising for “science” —get customers in the door —Whew! that’ll help. But “Scientific Proof” adhesive & plastic salutary? Nope. But FDA approval: Band–Aid, thousands without Proof. Doctors using approved chemical to flush iron from miners’ lungs, 1946, discovered artery plaque gone —heart problems vanished, even in those near death. So New Use application: Denied —“No Scientific Proof.” IF people knew —clear painlessly —only few hundred dollars —47% shouldn’t have surgery —don’t survive 12 months: Who would get chest cracked, arteries spliced, leg pain —spend $80,000. or months recovering? Use anyway? Prosecution —lots. But: When the plaque re–builds? In use world–wide: 60+ years.

“‘Better’ – New drug cure —use daily for Acid Reflux Disease.” “Disease” = lack of digestive acid. Remedy: Add acid; vinegar, 1 Tbs. Cure: eat simple meals, requiring fewer different acids.

Well, best way to go: blame person with disease -—for getting disease. Like the man who cleaned the plant vat each shift–end? He complained of headaches, but company doctor said he was “fine,” so he went outside. Second doctor’s opinion not so vague on examining x–rays of the man’s feet: No bones. Poly vinyl chloride
—melted them. He told Bill Moyers, PBS before he died —of massive brain tumors from poly vinyl chloride residue in the vat in PVC pipe plant. ‘Suits’ would say . . . their cleaner did not use the right socks? Well good thing protection now: the Occupant got the ‘suits’ cover from “excessive” awards. cancer-politics-remedies

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