10 December 2005

Peter Jennings Pt I

Peter Jennings
47 West 66th Street
New York NY 10023

Dear Mr. Jennings:

While I monitor all three networks’ news, if I want details, substance —to know what is true, relevant at the moment, I watch you. You matter. I am disturbed by the news about you this morning. But more than sappy sympathy, I write because I see it as no accident.

On hearing an acquaintance had an unfamiliar disease, asked myself a question and put it to you: What causes disease? If you ask your doctor and she/he is one of the ‘good’ ones you get: “I don’t know” or “Bad luck” —Asked of majority, the arrogant ones: “What’s the difference” with dismissive gesture. Clueless even about diagnosis: “It’s in your mind, imagined.” —Asked of self–appointed ‘buster’ of “quacks” guy on–line: “Many things.” Pressed for specifics: I’m still waiting on reply, five years.

Observed: A new virus appears, harms many in many ways; scientists begin working on a drug to stop or lessen its effect. But: Can scientists produce the equipment, gadgets, vaccines, drugs to treat all of the lumps, bumps, allergies, pathogens that pop up —constantly?

What causes dis–ease in human body? With good instincts, good brains, questions, this rather conservative child of a once–prominent cardiac–pulmonary physician went looking for answers. Thousands of hours looking got —Answers —which led to more papers, med. dictionaries, journals, which leads to pleasure of sharing some of what I knew, learned, figured out.

Taught, arguably superbly, to diagnose, to prescribe and to cut, but responses and 'stupid question' inference: cover–up to deflect —doctors are ignorant —not trained to seek cause or cure. Why not? Why isn’t source important?

If table leg breaks, table collapses. Focused on collapse: more bolts, glue, whatever, table may collapse again. But Focused on cause —loose bolt —moisture rot —termites —would prevent table leg from breaking again? If focused on cause, would doctors treat symptoms?

Why focus on symptoms? Short version: At one time the PDR, Physician’s Desk Reference, in American hospitals doctors consult for patient therapy listed: spices. John D. Rockefeller, after Congress forced break up his oil company, decided he could make even more money if he controlled medical schools and curricula.

Others looking for rewards joined him. Once–independent, all schools: forced to attach to a university or forced to close. Then he affected what students learn —and don’t. Among other things, the PDR was changed. He got richer. Americans got sicker. Each ‘processed’ “stays on message.” None concede the possibility any —but Their way, is right. Proof? Still skeptical of centuries–old Acupuncture, even one–third century after ‘point man’ Tricky Dick ‘opened’ China.

Medical schools accept the money; teach no nutrition, correlation or prevention. What causes disease? Thousands of hours looking got, though hardly much Western affirmation, boiled down, author’s theory: Toxins, parasites and/or heavy metals cause disease -corporations, subtly and aggressively, are working hard against Nature to get them in —as many bodies to reap as much money as possible.... Wacky? Evidence is staggering. Ask Bill Moyers— toxins in his body don’t belong there: 84. How does he know —how did they get there?

“Scientific Method”: invented by Muslims. Then: method to test wheat. Now: as attack —any person —ingredient —procedure that threatens income or status quo. Now: “scientific” to feed a chemical to rodents, count how much it takes to kill how rodents in how much time. “Scientists” extrapolate: ‘OK to drink tap water cuz only X amount of toxins in it —will not kill X amount of rats.’ Ya, that’ll work on humans. Also works: denial of responsibility —deformities, disease in adults, infants —“only "X" sprayed on an entire country.” Chemical corps’ ‘science’ method got laws and then FDA banned from regulating “Cosmetics” and Applications without proof a chemical is safe or even its ingredient list. But: why is an ingredient in brake fluid also used in moisturizer?

TOXINS —Ingredient: ‘silky’ feeling but turns skin to putty; in Vick’s, Chapstick, gel, thousands of personal care products; plastics, wrapped around food, drugs: petroleum derivative. Why? From World War II to end of century: 79 Thousand toxins mankind lived without previous 5,000 years —“approved” —without proof non–toxic to humans, flora, fauna —by FDA. Why?

–Aspartame: Do adults, teachers recall introduction: “Warning –Adult use Only; causes short–term memory loss, finger –toe tingling in children”
–Fastest FDA approval on record, Not tested in hot food, rushed into market: “diet” soda, ice cream, candy, etc., now in: soup, frozen dinners
–Fed to mice: less aggression, increased level of seratonin = sensation of well-being = Addiction? —Proof it leaves the body —ever?

–Medication: American children, millions—after processed food, “diet” soda, cheap beef, refined sugar pitched, crammed into diet of toddlers —‘identified’: now medicated for “diseases” —A.D.D. —hyper, etc., didn’t have before
–Children in Africa, Asia, Peru also “need” such medication? –Why can corporations market target US children, but illegal in Europe?

–Fishy: What’s wrong with protecting wild salmon —by eating fish raised in open pens —leech–ridden die–matched, pellet–fed, doused with antibiotics –wastes dumped in rivers?

–Chemical makers: don’t have to tell public —or FDA —toxicity levels, or even that Teflon pans are lethal —to cooks, pet birds; recently found in: polar bears
–Mfg.’s don’t have to list “trace” amount of lethal toxins on labels, i.e. frozen foods, hand cream
–Ain’t easy to find: All have to create toxicity data to protect workers, FDA keeps on file
–FDA makes distinction: what is put on and what is put in, human body does not
–All: winds up in the liver, which works hard to excrete “small amount” of petroleum

PARASITES: Probably entered human body since both first on the planet; over 3,000 identified, total unknown; can’t be seen without powerful microscopes —few looking, few testing humans
–Enter via water –fresh produce –fish –poorly cooked food –intercourse –barefoot –airplane cabin air
–Each feeds on specifics, i.e. single brain fluid, i.e. blood sugar.
Author’s Theory: every human has parasites; on entering the liver: now finds “small amount” petroleum, can not leave, not excreted; breed, spread throughout the body = Cause of schizophrenia.

HEAVY METALS: Corporations sold us “benefits” while using planet —their dumpsite
–Mercury: belches from “clean” power plants which “trade” points with others to spew more
–Seeps from batteries, computers into trash cans into dumpsites into ground water
–Inserted by dentists, even though first US five to practice made pact: never to put mercury in teeth; ADA: “OK now” —except for strict EPA laws, to dispose of the leftover
–‘deep sea fish --safe’ —except for smaller fish they feed on —closer to shore, to dumped toxins

–GM, et al: can change China from bicycle–riding country into toxic–spewing cash cow, but ‘can’t’ delete toxic emissions —except by increments after loosing lawsuits in California —after damage

–Lead: Even clean water must pass through pipes —soldered with lead, before law changed; disclosed to renters, buyers? Well–known to all municipal water depts.

Nature is capable of supplying food for all creatures —checks, balances —even wrinkle removal —but not remedies, not cures? Nature is incompetent? Man is smarter? African farmers are performing suicide —unable to pay even for “modified”–gene seed, which did not produce crops or cash, but did ‘modify’ —destroy neighbors’ crops. —“Aided” by ‘suits’ who “improve” things, destroy organic crops, butterfly habitat and took the patent on every human gene —mapped at taxpayers’ cost. —‘Greased’ with enabling, image–cleaning checks to PBS, Congress, White House.

Man is smarter? Why did Nature put spices on the planet? Caveman to ‘tart up’ day’s kill? —Parsley —to decorate dinner plates, garbage cans? Mistake? Or: most powerful of all to expel deformed cells? —Tomato —red a nice color? Or: if not chilled after harvest 47 enzymes stop bleeding in :20, no infection, no stitches, minor scar; chilled = no reason to eat. Accident? A spice —fraction of Viagra cost —2x intensity. —Turmeric? Why in every Indian meal, every day? With no access to Western drugs, Russian scientists once experimented on bed–bound patients with what they had: beets, large quantity. A female too weakened to respond; a male: up, cured of cancer. Not heard? Why hasn’t your doctor? Peer–reviewed Natural remedy studies published in medical journals world–wide, multi–decades: ignored in the West. continued...

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