26 December 2005

Bird Flu

Heard about "Bird" flu --but not sure what it is --concerned about pet birds, eating chicken --not sure what to do to prevent getting Avian flu?

A virus has spread among chickens, pet birds, ducks, geese --causing millions of birds to die, more to be slaughtered by farmers and by govenment representatives, as prevention. No case of Bird flu has been reported in the US. Around the world: various governments have reported people contracting Avian virus and dying. The reported number of deaths is 70. Is that number accurate? Past behavior is the best indicator of future behavior: China refused to even acknowledge the SARS virus existed; when formally challenged the government admitted they had a problem and promptly made public their efforts to stop the spread. The West knows little of the inner workings of Viet Nam, Indonesia, other Asian governments, so this author is skeptical that only 70 have died from "Bird" flu.

Will the virus spreading among bird species jump from animals to humans? Some scientists believe it will, others think not. Who to believe? --More importantly: what to do if it does spread to humans? Fewer than ten have contracted the virus and survived --which gives scientists opportunity to create vaccine from the antibodies in their blood. To date it is unknown if any current vaccine will effectively treat/stop the effects of Avian flu in humans. US government has not ordered production of any such vaccine known to stop effects. What will protect you if you do get Bird flu?

If Bird flu becomes a "pandemic"--travels world-wide, rapidly--as in 1918: What to do? You can prepare, do preventative things now --to keep your body healthy even if the virus spreads:

On entering your home:
-Immediately: remove your shoes, not to bring toxins into your home
-Immmediately: wash your hands --even before touching anything
-Best protection: wear gloves --winter through summer.
Every door knob is host to germs, as are work surfaces and public transportation
Stockpile provisions: Now --acquire enough supplies to enable three-week stay indoors
-Water --one gallon per day, per person, minimum
-Food: protein, vegetables, fruit --at least three items per meal/ three meals per day, per person, minimum
Choose canned goods that will provide necessary and trace vitamines and minerals; wide variety of balanced foodstuffs, of current preferences --not the time to stock unfamiliar or foods on a 'wish' list; choose ready-to-eat form, not requiring heat or chilling, in case your household must relocate
-Paper goods: towels, bathroom; kleenix; plates
-Staples, other supplies, pet food & medicines, First Aid kit, books --currently using daily/weekly: make list

Now is the time to purchase, all at once or spread over few weeks --while supplies are plentiful, there is no panic, no price-gouging
-Gas: keep tank full; top off weekly, don't allow to go low; purchase extra cans of oil, brake fluid
-As you cleanse you body: you must also cleanse the inside. You will need to flush the virus from your body. cancer-politics-remedies

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